100 oz Silver Bullet Bullion Battle Video

Chances are high if you have been an avid silver bullion buyer over the last few years, you have come across .999 fine silver bullets which are necessarily bullion bars in a bullet-shaped form. 

We even carry a few replica 1 oz silver bullets and replica 2 oz silver bullets in our inventory. This SD Bullion blog post today is not about replica silver bullion bullets, but more so about the real things hitting one another.

How does a 100 oz Silver Bar fair when shot at with actual lead bullets ranging from 9mm to 50 cal?

In late 2017, the DemolitionRanch on Youtube decided to shoot a 100 oz Johnson Matthey Silver Bar with live ammo, and since then over 4.6 million people have checked out the results.

You can see below how this 100 oz Silver Bullet battle played out. The following video is embedded to begin right before the action gets underway with live ammo shooting at silver bullion.



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