The Best And Essential Coin Collecting Supplies

Key Takeaways:

  • A coin collection needs the proper supplies to be fully complete;
  • Coins are susceptible to a range of risks and damages;
  • The correct coin supply can guarantee the safety and storage of your coins;

Although it may seem that the shiny coins themselves take the spotlight when talking about coin collections, every numismatist and advanced coin collector knows the importance of the proper supplies in the right place. By having the correct tools in their possession, collectors become capable of truly bestowing upon their portfolio a cautious and safe-keeping approach, as well as being able to have the best possible display of their hard-earned collection pieces, be it a sought-after rare coin, that silver coin with a numismatic value or even a special challenge coin.

The following supplies constitute themselves as the best possible option for those that want to get started or are on the lookout for the perfect improvements to their collections. Save the research time and check out the best and essential options for your hobby to be enjoyed to the fullest. It includes:

Coin Holders

Coin Holders

In order to have the right start to their collection, a collector must look for the proper way of coin storage. Options may include a coin tube, coin capsules, or coin boxes, which store and protect their pieces. More often than not, pieces left unprotected are vulnerable to a range of possible damages, such as direct contact with other coins, oxidization, as well as potential scratches and stains. As a result of such harm, the value of a piece can greatly decrease, as well as becoming potentially worthless.

Though, if the topic is displaying the coin, a good coin holder means something that perfectly suits your needs, be it a conventional 2x2 cardboard coin holder or perhaps a robust single coin slabs box. Whatever the case may be, it offers more bang for your buck, with every coin safely stored through while also being perfectly visible.

Coin Folders

Coin Folders

Coin folders, such as the popular cardboard options, are one of the most common ways collectors throughout the world store and display their valuable coins. Due to their straightforward approach and room for additional information, even the standard cardboard folders, a popular option amongst numismatists and collectors, offer the much-needed combination between storage and practicality.

Though most designs often present only one side available for display, other fancier options allow for full viewing of your coins, while also providing the much-needed room for each piece’s description and date. In combination with a good coin holder, you are sure to give your collection safety against potential damage along with the proper viewing of your hard-earned pieces. 

Coin Albums

Coin Albums

Much like coin folders, coin albums provide similar possibilities of storage and viewing, with the added benefit of a double-sided display in its coin pages. In general, albums are sought after by intermediate to advanced coin collectors, possessing, by that matter, a higher cost than your average coin folder.

All things considered, a coin album can be regarded, as a rule of thumb, as a combination of several coin folders, with the advantage of featuring a few security measures, such as protection against fingerprints and potential handling damage.

Essential Coin Books

Essential Coin Books

It goes without saying that certain books or a specific coin catalog are a favorite amongst collectors and enthusiasts of the coin world. Furthermore, a good coin book might just walk away unbeatable when talking about increasing one’s knowledge and interest in the coin world. Some examples such as “The Guide Book of United States Coins”, known by coin collectors as “The Red Book”, are a must-read recommendation for every beginner and advanced collector.

On the same note, SD Bullion proudly presents our free bullion buying guide, “21st Century Gold Rush”, your current, thorough gold and silver guide full of actionable knowledge you can actually utilize in the real world.

Coin Loupes and Magnifying Glasses

Coin Loupes and Magnifying Glasses

A collection can only truly shine to the eyes of its owner through proper viewing. For such to be accomplished, supplies such as coin loupes or magnifying glasses are foremost, to provide a finer focus and higher magnification of numismatic coins, from your average silver dollars to an intricate ancient coin. Since spotting tiny imperfections is infinitely easier using a loupe or magnifier, they are an irreplaceable tool in the collectible industry. There is no better way to spot the shine of the precious metal part of a silver or gold coin in your collection than through the lenses of a coin magnifier.

Lighting Tools

In addition to your magnifying tools, the correct lighting supplies go along like a perfect match. To aid the correct inspection of the pieces of your collection, the lighting conditions have to be proper, allowing all details and minutiae to be visible and clear to a magnified sight. Incandescent lighting is considered to be ideal, given its color spectrum’s capability to improve the visibility of a coin’s intricate aspects.

Gloves & Handling Utensils

One last care that collectors should have when dealing with the delicate coins of their collections is, essentially, to properly handle them. As well as oxidizing while exposed to air when not properly stored, coins can get damaged by the chemicals such as acids and oils that are present in human skin. 

In that regard, a collectible coin supply such as cotton gloves is a top pick amongst collectors as one way of ensuring the safety of their shiny coins. Such is the case when dealing with uncirculated coins, that need the proper handle to maintain their brilliant condition. Those might include a certified coin, usually from respectable coin grading organizations such as NGC or PCGS.

Other Supplies Worth Mentioning

Along with the supplies mentioned above, here are a few other coin collecting accessories that can ensure to give your collection the safety, handle, and care that it deserves. It includes:

Protective Flips

Coin Cleaners

Silica Gel (Dehumidifying Crystals)

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