The Best Gift Ideas For Coin Collectors

Maybe Christmas or Hanukkah time is around the corner. Perhaps a loved one's birthday is coming up, or even an anniversary of some kind. Be it as it may, if you’re on the lookout for the best gifts for coin collectors or a numismatist close to your heart, don’t worry: we got you covered.

The best candidate for an unforgettable gift can be determined by budget options to embellished gold coin and silver coin gifts. This list presents an abundance of possible gift choices, which should all do a splendid job satisfying the recipient. It includes:

1 - Coin Loupes or Magnifying Glasses

One of the key aspects of coin collecting is the admiration of the coins themselves, luring millions of numismatists from around the globe every year wanting to take a closer look at their details.

Since this is a highly popular want, it is very important for this activity to be done in the best possible way. To correctly bring the perfect enjoyment to any coin collector, instruments like a coin loupe or magnifying glasses are sought out by many. While also improving a hobby or pastime in a convenient manner, one can’t deny the professional aspects it brings out as well.   

These practical utensils are great for giving a closer look at every shiny silver dollar. Through the scope of one or multiple lenses, these devices can greatly improve one’s inspection, by making even the small details of that old coin clearer, otherwise invisible to the naked eye. It is all around an essential purchase for those that pursue the hobby of collectible coins, and one great gift opportunity that is worth every cent.

Price range: As low as $17.99

2 - Themed Clothing & Apparel

There might not be a better way to show the world your interests and hobbies than to dress the part. Be it through T-shirts with marvelous designs, a mug with a special saying, stickers, socks, throw pillows, and what not: with a plethora of quality products, these options are sure to please your favorite coin collector.

Available at a range of different websites, this field of products also allows for an even more interesting possibility: plenty of companies offer customization services, for roughly a few extra dollars, allowing their clients to order a unique, exclusive piece of clothing or apparel - that belongs to the buyer only. Being an option with much potential, the opportunity of giving something unique to your loved ones becomes a useful ally in landing on the ideal birthday, anniversary, or Christmas gift. 

Price range: From $2.00 to $50.00, on average

3 - Coin Books

To further one’s knowledge and interest in the bullion world, a good coin book might just walk away unbeatable. Being powerful tools in expanding one person’s insight on their hobby, a decent book may even guide its reader - by providing the proper structure to ascertain, examine and inquire. 

Also, with the added benefit of going the old-fashioned road, increasing your grasp in numismatists ways requires only reading; no internet, wi-fi, or websites involved.

As a good example, “The Guide Book of United States Coins”, known by coin collectors as “The Red Book”, offers references and insights on collectible coins that are updated annually, and is a must-read recommendation for all new and experienced collectors.

Price range: As low as $7.00; average of $15.00

4 - Bullion Coins

If we’re on the topic of coins, this option cannot go unnoticed. Being both a good way to store wealth in a physical, tangible form, as well as fulfilling personal investment and/or enjoyment purposes, some well-known valuable coins make for a great candidate.

The American Silver Eagle, an iconic silver coin, along with the American Gold Eagle, are some of the most popular bullion coin pieces in the current market. Carrying an aesthetically pleasing design and being minted from a high purity precious metal (which makes them retain value solely on their composition), they make for a gift that most likely will last a long time.

Nonetheless, the topic of bullion pieces makes way for a room of coin gift possibilities of products from renowned governmental mints such as Perth Mint, the Royal Canadian Mint, the British Royal Mint, the Chinese Mint, and, of course, the US Mint. Not a step behind, private mints like Sunshine Minting, SilverTowne, GoldenState Mint, and many more offer a selection of well-made products, available for safe, discreet purchase at SD Bullion.

Price range: Coin values vary by the minute; as low as $36.00 as of the date of this publication

If you wonder what coin to pick - check out this blog post: Top 8 Best Coins to Collect

5 - Commemorative Coins

Perhaps bullion pieces don’t win over your recipient, and that extra push is needed. In that case, putting together different interests and passions - such as music, sports, history, etc. -, a commemorative coin or coin set can be the perfect solution for your needs.

Being able to pay homage to multiple hobbies, figures, and interests, any given silver or gold coin set can display images from lighthearted designs to important landmarks in our history. Chances are that a certain coin collection or mint set of these fits your requirements like a glove, and they may be the perfect gift to bring enjoyment to more than just the numismatist side of your recipient.

Price range: Coin values vary by the minute; as low as $32.00 as of the date of this publication

6 - Coin Collector Supplies

Ask any numismatist and the answer might just be the same: you can never have enough gadgets and coin collecting supplies. Be it through a coin folder, coin holder boxes, cleaners, a coin album, and others: the list keeps ongoing.

The tasks can present themselves as many, each with their appropriate handle and specific care. As such, one purposeful collector will always be able to find the best tools to handle their proof coin, as well as the gizmos that accommodate their collecting needs, which makes room for plenty of possible purchases. 

With that being said, some good supplies can make for a great gift idea, while at the same time making the life of your favorite numismatic friend a lot easier. They can range from budget and intermediate options to advanced, elaborate ones.

Price range: From $15.00 to $200.00, on average

7 - Special Magazines

Along the same lines as a good coin book, special collector magazines offer the best information and inside view of the coin industry, with the benefit of constant, up-to-date news and reports. With some options offering astonishing articles, written by insiders and industry experts - on a variety of topics, such as rare coins, the Morgan dollar, and other ancient coins, the market currency, etc. -, as well as the best sources for coin collecting news and market reports, these magazines may be a solid candidate for the perfect gift.

Offering subscription services that range from daily to weekly and monthly deliveries, the several available numismatic and coin magazines might just have the right appeal for those you wish to gift.

Besides, some companies may even provide a yearly service for a cheaper price, making room for a one-time purchase that will turn into a recurring, unique gift, which surely will not go under the radar.

Price range: As low as $12.00, on average

8 - Gift Cards

 One might be dealing with a numismatist of particular, hard-choice interests, or perhaps there’s been a shortage of a specific product. Even worse, time might not be on your side when it comes to thinking of a good option for a present. 

If you’re still not sure what’s the best option for a gift, do not worry: there is always a solution, that might just come as a gift card or store credit. A good number of online retailers, shops, or trusted coin dealers offer credit options, which can be purchased to suit one specific need. 

Along the same lines, should your deared collector have a specific dealer that they frequently purchase from, it is also to be considered to check if certain store credits or pre-paid cards are available, as a way to obtain a physical present instead of old-fashioned paper money, which can be delivered as you choose best to. All in all, paving the way for a gift opportunity worthy of a medal.

Price range: As much as the sender chooses to.

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