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SD Bullion offers several variations and sizes of Silver Bullets. These beautiful replica bullets come in four sizes and two variations per bullet size. All bullets are produced using the highest quality of pure silver and can be plated with gold and rhodium. These bullets are great for any collector looking to diversify their bullion stack. As well as supporters of the 2nd amendment as a token of respect and appreciation for their constitutional rights.

Silver Bullets Video by SD Bullion

Bullet Sizes and Variations:

1 oz Silver Bullet

Our 1 oz silver bullet option is a replica of the iconic .45 caliber bullet. This bullet dates back to Browning’s Colt .45 which was first produced in 1904. The plated version of this bullet comes with the tip plated in 24 karat gold and the rest plated in shiny rhodium. Both version contain one troy ounce of silver bullion and is unique for a collection.

2 oz Silver Bullet

The .308 caliber bullet is replicated for the 2 oz silver bullet sold by SD Bullion. The .308 bullet is mainly used in rifles, most notably the Winchester Hunting Rifle. The bullet is common in homes across the U.S. for its uses in hunting and home security. There is a lot of pride behind this bullet for many owners of the rifle. This bullet also comes in the gold and rhodium plated finish.

5 oz Silver Bullet

Shotgun shells is our bullet replica for the 5 oz silver bullet option. These shells most resemble a slug round from a 12 gauge as they are solid silver through out. Shotgun shells are known for their stopping power, versatility and cool factor. You can grab this well known bullet in both finishes and add to your collection, or gift it to a friend.

10 oz Silver Bullet

The biggest and baddest bullet replica is our 10 oz 50 caliber bullet . The infamous .50 caliber  is known for its uses as a sniper and armor piercing round. This realistic bullet has to be held in hand to feel just how massive this bullet is. Collectors and 2nd amendment supporters alike will be impressed at the size and beauty of this excellent replica. Both finishes are available for this bullet so whether you would like the classic silver look or the shinier gold/rhodium plated; you can display the bullet with pride.