Will Silver Gold Prices ever be that low Again? | Chris Marcus

Mixed mostly sideways week for precious metals spot prices in fiat US dollar values.

The spot silver price ends at $17.60 oz.

The spot gold price ending around $1,506 oz.

Platinum dropped substantially this week, ending at $883 fiat Federal Notes per ounce. This platinum price is about as cheap to gold as platinum has been in over 100 years of time.

And the spot palladium price closes at $1,675 oz only a few fiat Fed Notes from its all-time nominal price high.

The gold-silver ratio is again over 85. Silver remains as cheap to gold as it has been since the early 1990s (look at gold-silver ratio history to confirm that statement)

This week, we welcome back Chris Marcus of Arcadia Economics. We speak about a whole slew of topics.

Considering that the Federal Reserve appears to be now moving forward with stealth QE4, that they are on pace to double their $3.7 trillion balance sheet by middle 2021.

Are we ever going to see spot prices for silver and gold as low as they were in the early spring of this year 2019?

Silver Podcast | Gold Podcast | w/ Chris Marcus

Welcome to this week's Metals & Markets podcast, I am your host James Anderson of SD Bullion.

Today this interview is being recorded on Friday, October 4th, 2019 and it's 2 PM eastern time.

With us this week a returning guest, Mr. Chris Marcus of Arcadia Economics.

Chris thank you for coming back onto the show.

Last we spoke was in early May 2019 with Chris Marcus.

Then the silver spot price was threatening $15 oz, gold was around $1,280 oz.

Thought Experiment and a poll for listeners out there, leave your answer in the comment section on youtube.

Yes, or No... will we ever see those spot prices again respectively for silver and gold?


REPO into QE?

Looking at the Federal Reserves Balance sheet, I see they have added 184 billion USD in just under one month of time.

Fed likely beginning on the road to DOUBLING their balance sheet (e.g., Baby Boomer demographics virtually guarantees this).

At this rate how long will it take for the Fed to double its balance sheet from 3.76 trillion low after QT?

By the end of June 2021 at this pace, the Fed will have doubled its balance sheet to over $7.5 trillion USD.


Open losses on the silver COMEX shorts?


The DoJ JP Morgan silver bust fresh off Chris’ great interview with Bart Chilton.

Thanks for coming by for our gold-silver podcast this week.


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