Trump'$ Bearish US Dollar Take | Ronnie Stoeferle, In Gold We Trust Report

Choppy week for the monetary precious metals both beginning last Sunday evening in Asian markets down yet they are closing this week off with strength.

Gold looks to be finishing its week with a spot gold price just over $1,300 fiat Federal Reserve notes per troy ounce.

While the silver spot price appears to be finishing around $15.40 US dollars per troy ounce.

This week, we have a returning guest to this gold silver podcast, one of the co-authors of the free information packed 'In Gold We Trust' annual report.

Ronnie Stoeferle drops by to share with us some recent highlights and notes from their organization's 2019 annual meeting.



Welcome to this week's Metals & Markets wrap, I am your host James Anderson of SD Bullion.

With us this week is a returning guest, he is a co-author of annual "In Gold We Trust" report from Incrementum AG.

Mr. Ronnie Stoeferle, thank you for coming on our show.

Your organization just published some Minutes from your Advisory Board Meeting called Monetary U-Turn - When will the Fed Start Easing Again?

We will backlink this free report in the show notes of course, but can you give listeners a bit of background on what items are covered?

In Gold We Trust 2019 Minutes Gold Podcast SD Bullion

< Get the full In Gold We Trust Advisory Board Meeting Minutes here >


Ronnie we are recording this interview on Tuesday, March 5th at 10 AM eastern time, and thus far in 2019 we have seen strength in both silver and gold prices up until this recent rollover in price last week.

What are you seeing in terms of the price action?

You mentioned in your Meeting Notes that you are seeing a potential rollover in the recently rising Gold Silver Ratio... looks like we may have peaked at 87 late last year, now around 85.

When this next bull market in bullion peaks, are you expecting to see this Gold Silver Ratio tighten beyond its 2011 low point? Possibly again moving into the 20s or teens for a timeframe?


There is still a large crowd of extrovert market callers who are calling for massive US dollar strength to come, yet juxtapose that against President Trump's disdain for how 'strong' the US dollar is now.

What did you think about President Trump's recent comments on too much fiat US dollar strength at the moment?

Are you expecting any currency agreement curveballs from the current China-US trade meetings?


Everything but commodities bubble chart looks like we are bottoming out and regressing back to mean at some point in the 2020s.

That said, I see the CME Group the owners of the COMEX / NYMEX have extended further Market Manipulation discounts to their non-US central bank clients to actively trade critical price discovery markets. Ones which mostly dictate day to day prices for many physical commodities, precious metals, FX cross trading references, interest rates, and other financial product prices.

Sounds like free markets we arguably never had, nor might never attain with such government allowed top-down policies ongoing.


This coming end of May 2019, you all are again planning on publishing your annual In Gold We Trust Report for free so can you give us a preview of what free content listeners can look forward to finding there?

Expect to hear from Ronnie and the team at In Gold We Trust here in June 2019.

Until then stayed tune, more guests are coming to our podcast week in week out.

Thanks for visiting us here at SD Bullion.


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