1. 'Debt & Delusion' author Dr. Peter Warburton | Coming Collapse of Credit

    'Debt & Delusion' author Dr. Peter Warburton | Coming Collapse of Credit

    All four major precious metal spot prices had another solid week of price action.

    The gold price in terms of spot finishes this week around $1,515 oz.

    The spot platinum price cleared $950 oz. And the palladium price strikes another record high mostly due to an increasing shortage of this Pd precious metal, closing this week around $1,850 oz.

    The silver spot price closes this week at 18.18 per troy ounce in fiat Federal Notes.

    The Federal Reserve cut another 25 basis points this week to their Federal Funds Rate. With no end in sight, they are also often extending over $100 billion in Federal Reserve note repo loans through

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  2. Canada Mint CEO & Bullion Director | VIP Tour Contest

    Canada Mint CEO & Bullion Director | VIP Tour Contest

    Before you scroll any further, make sure you have entered our free contest to visit the Royal Canadian Mint. Ok, scroll on and enjoy the brief virtual tour clip below.

    A solid week of price action turned in by all four major precious metals.

    The price of silver appears to be ending the week just above the $18 fiat Fed note per troy oz mark, rising over 50¢ (cupro-nickel cents) from last week’s close.

    Gold finds a weekly end to its spot gold price right around $1,505 oz.

    Platinum rebounded well from recent downturns, the spot platinum price looks to be closing around $925 oz. Still, historical low in terms of it's over 100-year price relation to gold. Read Platinum vs Gold Prices to learn more on that point.

    Palladium keeps finding fresh record palladium price highs in fiat Fed notes. The spot palladium price is ending around $1,785 oz as physical palladium supplies are increasingly scarce and palladium lease rates are again climbing.

    It was only just over one year ago in which we pointed out on this bullion podcast that palladium was the most bullish of the four major precious metals (H/t to Dave Jensen).

    The gold-silver ratio slipped to 83 to close the week.

    In this podcast episode, we have a rare two-part Government Bullion Mint interview to dive into.

    SD Bullion is running a free contest through November 20, 2019... where you can win a complimentary trip to see the Royal Canadian Mint's bullion production first hand with a friend or loved one.

    Silver Podcast | Gold Podcast | RCM Interviews & Contest

    As the sponsor of this podcast, we at SD Bullion are throwing a VIP Tour Sweepstakes for one lucky winner and their guest to go up to Ottawa, Canada and visit the Royal Canadian Mint first hand.

    To kick off this contest, this week’s podcast guests will be the CEO and Managing Director of the Bullion department for the Royal Canadian Mint.

    Before we dig into those interviews, a couple of industry-related news items for you, the listeners.

    This past Wednesday, the private NY Federal Reserve central bank announced that it is increasing its {temporary} overnight repo operations up to $120 billion a day from its original up to $75 billion per night commitment.

    A couple of questions came to my mind. They might be coming to yours too.

    Is this word [temporary] like when Nixon divorced the final gold ties from the now full fiat Federal Reserve note? (look back at this liar

    Are overnight repo loans of 100 billion per evening a new feature in our financial system?

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  3. Fiat US dollar Release Valve is Next | Greg Weldon

    Fiat US dollar Release Valve is Next | Greg Weldon

    For this week’s gold and silver podcast, we welcome back returning guest Greg Weldon, a financial market expert with over 35 years of experience in financial markets.

    Mr. Weldon began his career trading in the COMEX NYMEX precious metals derivative futures contract pits. Today, he joins our gold and silver podcast to close the week's trading action.

    A mostly sideways week for the precious metals.

    The spot gold price is closing just above $1,490 oz in fiat Fed notes.

    The spot silver price looks to be ending the week priced just over $17.50 oz.

    The spot

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  4. Silver Gold vs QE Moar | Christopher Aaron of iGold Advisor

    Silver Gold vs QE Moar | Christopher Aaron of iGold Advisor

    Welcome to this week's Metals & Markets podcast, I am your host James Anderson of SD Bullion. Listener note to begin as I am traveling late this week.

    Thus this Metals and Markets Wrap was completed prematurely to the close of the week’s precious metals trading action.

    As of Wednesday evening, both

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  5. Will Silver Gold Prices ever be that low Again? | Chris Marcus

    Will Silver Gold Prices ever be that low Again? | Chris Marcus

    Mixed mostly sideways week for precious metals spot prices in fiat US dollar values.

    The spot silver price ends at $17.60 oz.

    The spot gold price ending around $1,506 oz.

    Platinum dropped

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  6. REPO Madness to QE4, QE5 | James Anderson

    REPO Madness to QE4, QE5 | James Anderson

    In this week's SD Metals & Markets Wrap podcast, we dive into details and questions on why is the Federal Reserve now injecting daily over $100 billion fiat Federal notes into overnight lending?

    Why do we see the Fed do Repo operations for the first time since 2008?

    Why is demand for overnight cash still being oversubscribed even after the Federal Reserve almost doubled the initial market intervention amount?

    When are we going to find at the real reasons this happening? 

    Is this all again leading to an eventual QE on-demand lending facility by the Federal Reserve?

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