Silver Price Forecast fall 2018 - Is Below $13 oz Possible?

Last week Christopher Aaron of iGoldAdvisor published a short video on his Silver Price Forecast for the fall of 2018.

In this clip, Chris shows technical analysis on Silver Prices in US dollars looking ahead to then end of this year.

If you are wondering where silver prices may be going, check this out:

Chris' video above only discusses short to medium term price targets for silver. Of course for active market participants and new entrants, short and medium term price movements are important for positioning at the best prices possible.

But for the longer term gold and silver price forecasts, it is always best to be prudently positioned before it is possibly too late.

Other long time silver industry exports are now on record calling for new nominal price highs for both gold and silver in US dollar terms within the early 2020s, due to another coming financial crisis and a reinvigerated bullion buying public.

Have a quick one minute listen below...


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James Anderson
James Anderson
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