Gold Silver Manipulation Video

We embedded the video above so you can cut to a short 6 minute examination of a $3,600,000,000 USD silver spot price raid which occurred in 2011.

Waterfall price declines in silver and gold spot prices have had little to no basis in the physical fundamental supply and demand markets. They are most often the results of highly leveraged fractional reserve futures exchanges plus high frequency trading which can, in large volumes trigger steep stop loss gold and silver future contract price and thus spot price declines.

Greed alone, is an obvious motive for these ongoing alleged crimes. Perhaps there is more afoot than mere avantia for more and more capital. More likely too, the attempt to historically manage precious metal prices is again ongoing in a yet more complex manner than ever before.

Speculation amongst many experts within the precious metals industry is that the BIS (Bank for International Settlements) has been assiting in gold price management operations for many years now. The motive of the BIS to assist governments and their central bank partners to intervene in FOREX and gold spot price markets mainly lies in maintaining base power, control, and currency credibility.

The BIS even advertises their price intervention services. See for yourself on page 17 under Gold market interventions:

As well, the majority spot price determining markets like the COMEX (gold, silver) and the NYMEX (platinum, palladium) even offer direct high volume trading discounts through the year 2019 to government central banks.

Yes, you read that correctly. Central banks can now directly help determine gold, silver, and other critical commodity prices. See for yourself:

Like the failed London Gold Pool of the 1960s, this alleged time around is again stalling the next bullion mark to market since 1980.

As many expect gold and silver prices to head for new all time highs in the 2020s as physical supply demand fundamentals eventually squeeze higher price discovery ahead.

Regardless of any former or ongoing gold silver price manipulations, it is mathmatically backtested and proven that having prudent investment allocations in physical bullion makes good common sense especially when living under fully fiat monetary system like we have today.

Price interventions may make this 21st Century Gold Rush endgame take longer, but our expectation is that new nominal price highs are ahead for all precious metals sooner than most people think.

Important to know which bullion products are best if you are indeed making an allocation into physical precious metals for the long haul.

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