How will Gold perform this Summer?

How will Gold perform this Summer Christopher Aaron iGold Advisor SD Bullion Gold Podcast

Christopher Aaron is back with another solid analysis on where the gold price may be headed this summer and beyond. It is looking like $1250 oz gold is a likely probability around Independence Day.

The bounce and run to follow could become an epic historic rhyme to the post 1975-1977 consolidation price performance, see why below.

Gold bear market 1970s vs 2010s SD Bullion

This 21st Century Gold Bull Market go round is taking about 3Xs the time of the 1970s version. 

The 2020s should be great for bullion, even Jeffrey Christian has gone KWN-lite talking record gold and silver prices 2022-2024.

As this gold price rebound drags out the 2010s, signs of budding inflationary pressures are blooming according to those who analyze and trade for a living ( see below, and cut to 2:15 for what corporate America is saying about inflationary pressures growing).