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Another solid week for precious metal performances in fiat Federal Reserve note price terms. Especially with perhaps the two best bullion values at the moment, silver and platinum respectively.

The silver spot price is around 18.40 a troy oz in fiat US Federal Reserve notes.

The gold spot price marked down a few bucks closing at 1,522 fiat US dollars per troy ounce.

The spot platinum price shot up nearly $100 bucks this week closing at around $935 per troy ounce.

I have mentioned to you before, the platinum vs gold price is about as cheap as it has been in about 100 years of time. Apparently some momentum NYMEX derivative traders figured that out this week.

The Gold-Silver Ratio dropped like a rock this week. It now takes just over 82 ounces of silver to acquire 1 ounce of gold in spot price terms.

This week we will be speaking with returning guest Dave Kranzler about the crazy economic conditions of our times.

And of course we later in the conversation turn to both Gold and Silver markets to discuss much of what is happening not only here with western investor sentiment and fiat US dollar price action. But also what is going on in Asia?

How are Indians and the Chinese reacting to all this bullion bullishness?


Gold Silver Podcast | Dave Kranzler of Investment Research Dynamics


Welcome to this week’s Metals & Markets Warp, I am your host James Anderson of SD Bullion.

With us this week, a returning guest. Mr. Dave Kranzler of InvestmentResearchDynamics.com

Thanks for taking the time today and coming back on our bullion podcast.


Last time we spoke with Dave Kranzler, was about 3 months ago when he suggested that something like $DB has possibly already blown up.

Dave when will this QE-driven dead cat finally roll over for its inevitable drop, bottom, and bounce?

Gold podcast Gold vs S&P 500 SD Bullion

Asians and likely Indians may be considering Silver the better value

Record Gold Price Highs in fiat rupee seemingly every day

Yet silver in fiat rupee terms is still well off its 2011 highs

William White 2 years ago | Former BIS Economic Advisor

White explicitly warned both about India's massive bad bank loan debts and China's crazy M2 growth over this past decade.

Modi's Indian cashless policies likely got more fiat rupee into the potentially bankrupt Indian banks, but further digital cashless policies are coming both in India and in China.

Government cryptocurrency in China is rolling out by 2020 apparently now. See Forbes headline below.

gold silver podcast

Hollywood's 2012 Looper movie got it wrong.

At this pace, China will likely be cashless by the 2030s. Forget stacking your yaun cash notes in the 2070s.

And yes, if government real money outlawing or big gold bullion robberies again comes to pass.

Much hidden bullion will still always be traded in the (free), or what will be referred to as the, black markets.

Thanks for visiting our gold-silver podcast and tuning in this week. 


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