Coin Collecting Books That Deserve Your Attention

Coin books can be one of the best tools for coin collectors. You might be on the lookout to expand your collection. You might seek to clarify any questions on a certain coin series. Be it as it may, the proper coin collecting book might be your solution.

As the saying goes, “when you know better, you do better”. Coin collectors need ways to assure they're making the best possible purchase. After all, fake coins are far from being as eye-catching as an original. And you want to pay the fair and correct price for each new acquisition. The following books are sure to offer aid to every type of collector. They are:

“The Red Book” - A Guide Book Of United States Coins

The nick-named "Red Book" is the most popular book when it comes to coin collecting. It gets updated every year through a new release. The Red Book boasts over 75 years of solid reputation, as well. This guide is a favorite source of valuable information. Its topics include from coins backgrounds to their grade values and rarity.

On the same note, the guide offers pictures with the highest resolution. On the whole, it has all the necessary topics to season a newcomer. It was first released in 1946, by Whitman Books. Its features have since earned its best-seller reputation, with millions of sales.

“The Blue Book” - The Handbook Of United States Coins

Collectors and investors attribute value to the "Blue Book" as well. A notorious supply along with its red counterpart, it dates back to 1942. Since its release, the handbook has been an essential guide to assess coin prices. Dealers use it to guide offers, given its unbiased, real-world nature. Collectors, on the same note, see it as a chance to assess their pieces' value.

The handbook receives a new release each year and goes towards its 79th edition. Its pages contain useful information regarding the rare-coin market. It goes a long way to aid from a starter to an expert coin enthusiast.

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Cherrypickers’ Guide To Rare Die Varieties Of United States Coins, Volume 2 

Variations in coins such as rare dies and unusual mint marks can happen. Collectors hold dear to such, though they can go unnoticed to an untrained eye. This guide presents a series of steps to look for rare and valuable coins. Learn how to inspect what seems like regular coins, which don't stray far from your pocket.

Experts numismatists consider the book a major success. Its ease of reading brings about guiding pictures and instructions. Its measures ensure that unusual aspects stand out from the regular change. After all, no one would like a thousand-dollar coin to pass by unseen.

The Official A.N.A. Grading Standards For United States Coins

Collectors go one step further when adding pieces to their collection. This includes ensuring that their coins are in the best possible conditions. The fundamentals of ANA coin grading offer great help in this matter. This book illustrates all coin grades in a well-laid-out manner.

To understand a coin's condition means caution and saving money. It means adding value to your holdings as well, through safe purchases. Assessing a coin's grade is vital for collectors in the rare-coin market. This guide can be a must-read for novice collectors who seek to learn coin grading.

Ancient Coin Collecting

Collectors of ancient coins don't get left out as far as numismatic books go. Many would think the task of collecting centuries-old pieces is hard. Guides such as Wayne Sayles' offer references for aspiring collectors alike. The book features historical background for a diversity of ancient coins. Security, grading, and proof measures make the cut in its content as well. The engrossing content makes for a read that goes beyond coin-only topics.

For all aspiring collectors, it provides guidance on different fronts. In addition, it can help determine if ancient coins are a hobby for you. Experts consider this book a great introduction to this topic.

Other Noteworthy Mentions

Should a coin collector aspire to more specific needs, there's no need to worry. Certain coin series and programs receive attention as well. Books such as "A Guide Book Of Lincoln Cents" offer great help for its collectors. On the same note, "A Guide Book Of Morgan Silver Dollars" follows the same procedure.

Whatever the case may be, collectors have great resources at their disposal. Updated, new, and detailed content gets published every year. Books such as the ones mentioned might be available to suit your specific needs. Free online guides on the internet make the list as well as useful resources. In a globalized and connected age, such tools deserve our attention.

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