Davy Jones' Locker Privateer Ultra High Relief Silver Round 2 oz

The Final Release of the Incredibly Popular Privateer Series!

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SD Bullion is proud to feature the final release in the Privateer Collection of Silver Rounds from Elemetal Mint -- the 2 oz Davy Jones' Locker Privateer Ultra High Relief Silver Rounds.

The Privateer collection combined a love for the high seas with the love for pure silver products. This 7-product silver round series has held the attention of collectors and investors due to the magnificent designs and craftsmanship on offer, every year.

Each of these silver rounds is struck using 2 troy ounces of 0.999 pure silver. Moreover, their ultra high-relief design brings out the beautiful imagery on both sides of the rounds.

The final Privateer release by Elemetal is centered around one of the most famous idioms in the pirate world -- Davy Jones' locker. This term stands for the bottom of the sea, and is commonly used as a euphemism for drowning sailors and shipwrecks. The reverse sides of the silver round depicts the eerie bottom of the sea, showing a once-majestic ship lying wrecked on the ocean floor along with a human skeleton and a treasure chest.

On the other hand, the obverse sides features the famous pirate motto, 'NO PREY NO PAY,' which stood for pirates getting paid only if a raid on another ship was successful. This motto is accompanied by a depiction of the pirates' ominous skull symbol, commonly known as the Jolly Roger.

Bring the Privateer Collection from Elemetal to a close and complete your sets with the fitting 2 oz Davy Jones' Locker Privateer Ultra High Relief Silver Round today. They not only add pure silver to your precious metals assets, but they also serve as souvenirs of a life of adventure and lawlessness on the high seas.

2 troy oz .999 fine silver
Multiples of 10 coins ship in original mint tube

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