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Gold and silver ended the week slightly down as gold spot price closed at $1283 oz and the spot silver price finishing the week at $15.41 oz in fiat US dollar terms.

This week's returning guest is up and coming shortly. In our conversation we touch on the largest industry related news of late, including the 2nd and 4th largest gold mining company consolidation, what that may mean for the gold mining and supply side moving ahead.

Another billionaire has come out claiming to have recently bought gold. We'll hear from the man himself and discuss if he actually bought gold bullion or merely a synthetic derivative product.

The spot palladium price has again hit a nominal new record price high this past week. We will touch on a recent South African palladium, platinum, and gold mining strike now underway. As well, we will discuss a shockingly tiny palladium warehouse inventory for one of the world's major futures contract market brand names (i.e. TOCOM in Japan).

As well a deep dive into how the 1997 Warren Buffett silver buy rivaled the 1980 Hunt Brothers silver play, including some simularities between the two-once silver bullion bulls.



Welcome to this week's Metals & Markets gold silver podcast, I am your host James Anderson of SD Bullion.

With us this week is a returning guest, the proprietor of the SmaulGld.com website, Mr. Louis Cammarosano.

Thank you for visiting us at SD Bullion.


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