New Gold Silver Ratio Chart from 1862-2020 Just Released

New Gold Silver Ratio Chart from 1862-2020 Just Released

SD Bullion has just released a brand-new Gold to Silver Spot Price Ratio Chart that shows the gold-to-silver ratio in a new, unique way. The chart is in the shape of a circle with a Gold Eagle and Silver Eagle split in the middle. The circular chart clearly shows how the ratio has progressed over the past two centuries.

The chart shows the highs and lows of the gold-silver ratio and gives a short description of the most impactful events on gold and silver. For example, when the gold-silver price ratio hit its highest ever level in 1933, the chart has a small description of the four day bank holiday that was declared by FDR to stop the hoarding of gold and silver. This caused a huge spike in the ratio for 4 months.

The Gold-Silver Ratio Chart page also breaks down the largest events in more detail below the chart with both video and text. There is a 6-minute video just below the chart that details the highs/lows of the gold-silver ratio and what caused them. The video also details the green/gray part of the chart in which the gray is the actual gold/silver spot ratio and the green is the Gold Eagle/Silver Eagle Coin Ratio. It discusses how the eBay Eagle ratio surpassed the gold-silver ratio in 2019 and why that happened.

There is also an excellent 4-minute video on how the current gold-silver ratio is reacting to the COVID-19 pandemic and how it could be eclipsing the 1933 record in the coming weeks. The video also details the real bullion ratio of Silver and Gold Eagles, which often differentiates from the gold-to-silver ratio.

An image towards the bottom of the page shows that while the gold-silver ratio is very important to learn about and learn from, it isn't always indicative of real bullion prices. The image shows what $5,000 in early April 2020 reportedly got an investor in terms of gold bullion (100 grams or 3.215 oz bar) versus silver bullion (300 oz total). That equates to a then physical bullion bar gold-silver ratio of 93.3 while the derivative driven GSR in April of 2020 was typically claiming one hundred and teens day today.

If you or someone you know is looking to get into gold and silver bullion, learning the history of these famous metals is essential. The Gold-Silver Ratio is an integral part of the history of precious metals, and also gives you a window into what could be happening with the spot prices in the coming future. Visit the brand new Gold Silver Ratio Chart page at SD Bullion and learn more about the financial backstory of gold and silver bullion.

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