Is Silver better than Gold? | Why Silver is better than Gold

We are bullish on both silver bullion and gold bullion here at SD Bullion.

So much so, that many of our team members here are also bullion stackers too.

While we believe gold bullion has a fine, more valuable future to come given all the ongoing bullion investing factors.

It is often silver bullion that we deem to be the precious physical metal with the most potential investment upside to come.

You can take a look back at gold price history and silver price history to see how each respective monetary metal has performed over the 5-consecutive millennia, in which humankind has cherished and traded them.

We have done the math, studying the mining, and bullion minting data to date. See our estimates for how much silver is there, and how much gold is there in the world.

It’s easy to argue that there is indeed more physical gold in the world than there is .999 fine investment-grade silver bullion. But, there is also slightly a touch more silver bullion than gold bullion in terms of troy ounces in .999 form.

Indeed, it will surprise most precious metal investors first to learn that there is nowhere near 83 times more silver than there is gold in the world. A misconstrue one might get if they paid attention to the gold-silver ratio ongoing.

Steve St. Angelo of SRSRocco Report gives us his significant reasons for ‘Why Silver is better than Gold.’

Silver vs. Gold: Which is Better?


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