How many Troy Ounces in a Kilo?

There are 32.1507466 troy ounces in a kilo bullion bar of silver, kilo bar of gold, or any other precious metal kilo sized bar.

The term kilogram means 1,000 grams. There are 31.1034768 grams per troy ounce, and thus the inputs are all here.

1 kilo = 1,000 grams / 31.1034768 grams per troy ounce = 32.1507466 troy ounces per kilo

Different from more commonly used imperial ounce weights, silver and other precious metals like gold, are typically weighed in the west using the troy ounce. You can learn more about the history of the troy ounces measurement of weight here

It is key you know these basics facts for the difference between an imperial ounce and a troy ounce is around 10% and can mean a large chunk of any investment or value for various bullion appraisals.

The one-kilo gold bullion bar is now becoming the standard world size for futures contract fulfillment. In past gold bullion bull markets, even larger central bank sized 400 troy ounce gold bullion bars were the accepted standard size.

One kilo silver bullion bars have become quite popular amongst savvy silver bullion buyers seeking to find their silver bullion price premiums as close to the fluctuating silver spot price as possible. While also having silver bullion products that are not too large (for example, large industrial 1,000-ounce silver bars weigh around 70 pounds and are not convenient for retail silver bullion buyers and sellers).

One kilo silver bullion bars fit in the palm of one's hand and are typically the size of a small smartphone.

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