Buy Gold with Bitcoin BTC (USA)

Online purchases using Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies have become a common option nowadays. Many wholesalers and retailers now accept Bitcoin as a payment method across the world. And that is not different when it comes to precious metals dealers.

SD Bullion, for instance, collects millions of dollars in crypto currencies every year in exchange for gold bullion, silver bullion, platinum bullion, and palladium bullion.

This article will discuss how and why this 'buy gold with bitcoin' phenomenon is growing. You will learn how this peer-to-peer electronic transaction process works and why the crypto revolution has affected how people invest in precious metals.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin Logo

Official Bitcoin Logo

Bitcoin (BTC) is both a currency and an online payment system. In other words, it is a cryptocurrency, a cryptographed form of money that is decentralized, meaning it is not regulated by any central authority (e.g. a bank).

It was the first digital currency of its kind. It debuted in 2009 and has essentially become an international currency with over 13 million users worldwide, presenting an alternative method of online payment to bank transfers and credit cards.

Other digital currencies include Bitcoin Cash (BCH), which is a fork of BTC, Ethereum (ETH), Binance Coin (BNB), Cardano (ADA), and many more.

How does Bitcoin work?

Every bitcoin transactions occur online and are encrypted in a blockchain, which is, in simple terms, a digital and public ledger.

Blockchain Technology

You store your Bitcoin holdings and other digital coins in your crypto wallet, which is similar to a bank account. When you install your Bitcoin wallet app or software, you will receive your Bitcoin wallet address with a security key that will serve as your credentials when sending or accepting Bitcoin payments.

Every app is somehow different from each other, but your Bitcoin address will always be displayed within the app. You can also buy Bitcoin and keep track of the daily price fluctuations of cryptocurrencies.

Keep reading to find out about the buying process of bullion using Bitcoin at SD Bullion.

How to Buy Gold with Bitcoin at SD Bullion

Step 1 ➤  Add gold bullion products to your SD Bullion cart and proceed to checkout

Step 1 on how to buy gold with bitcoinSimply browse through our inventory and add the product and quantity you would like to your shopping cart. Note prices will vary for bank wire, bitcoin, or credit card payments. You can continue shopping for other products or proceed to checkout. Then, add your SD Bullion account information and shipping address to complete the order online.

Step 2 ➤ Select the Bitcoin payment option (bitpay)

Step 2 on how to buy gold with bitcoin

Take note of potential discounts you can get by using cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, as your payment method. Only a small fee may be charged by your online payment system, so you can usually get better rates on Bitcoin transactions than by paying with a credit card, for instance.

Step 3Order and immediately pay for your gold products with a bitcoin payment invoice

After selecting Bitcoin as your payment method, our website will generate an invoice with our Bitcoin address for you to pay in under 15 minutes. You can provide your Bitcoin wallet app info directly on the browser or simply scan the QR Code on the screen with the wallet app on your phone to make the payment. You will receive the confirmation of your purchase in your email.

Note that your gold for Bitcoin order online can be in a pending status for as long as one business day. Your payment has to go through a Bitcoin protocol before approval. During high congestion periods, it can take as long as 24 hours for your payment confirmation email to arrive.

Although it's not instantaneous, Bitcoin is secure and still one of the quickest forms of payment for gold or other precious metals that we process and accept.

Buying gold through Bitcoin payments is also one of the cheapest options we offer since no banks or third-party financial institution fees are necessary.

SD Bullion currently offers Bitcoin customers a 3% discount on our credit/debit card price on all orders. Do take note, however, that the Bitcoin network may charge a transaction fee.

Gold for Bitcoin Payment Invoices & Bitcoin Wallet Compatibility

The price of bitcoin is always moving and fluctuating (see bitcoin's current value here).

To prevent bitcoin price swings from hurting bitcoin-accepting merchants or users, BitPay requires transactions to be sent within 15 minutes of invoice issuance. The majority of Bitcoin exchanges cannot send payments that quickly.

Late gold for Bitcoin payments will be canceled and need to be refunded. This will cost everyone time and potentially capital. Thus BitPay now requires all gold for bitcoin payments to be made with a payment protocol compatible software or hardware wallet.

The image below shows various wallet logos that are currently compatible with BitPay.

This updated information can be verified right here on BitPay's website.

Wallet apps compatible with Bitpay

Bitcoin (BTC) Wallets

Currently, you can use the following payment protocol-compatible wallets to buy precious metals, such as gold bars and gold coins, as well as silver bars and coins with bitcoin via SD Bullion and BitPay, respectively:

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Wallets

All Payment-Protocol-compatible BCH wallets are fully compatible with BitPay. The list of payment options includes:

If you don't have one of these Bitcoin wallets yet, simply create one from the list above (be sure to use the current release version). Then send some bitcoin to it, likely at least the amount you intend to use in your gold for bitcoin purchase at SD Bullion.

Here is a short educational video on the subject of paying BitPay invoices with various Bitcoin wallets.

Why Buy Gold with Bitcoins?

To answer that question, we can first understand why many experts now believe buying gold is more than just a good investment, but it is essential in a diversified portfolio! Gold and silver have been around for millennia. They were used as currency in the form of coins and, even before that, in ancient civilizations, as bartering items.

Gold and silver are noble metals. As such, they do not tarnish nor corrode with ease. There are countless examples of gold items, including gold coins, found in archaeological sites that date back thousands of years. They are a store of value that will not depreciate, even in the event of a widespread economic crisis.

In fact, data has shown that in the last 100 years, gold has outperformed every form of fiat currency system created by humankind.

Gold vs fiat currencies

Therefore, many financial advisors now see bullion as a safe haven asset against inflation and fiat currency devaluation. By using cryptocurrencies to purchase gold, you are less prone to the volatility risks of the crypto market.

Additionally, as previously stated, you immediately qualify for a 3% discount by using digital coins to purchase our products.

Finally, remember that precious metal, like gold and silver, has been and will be around far longer than any other non-precious currency project mankind has or will continue to undertake.

Money FluxSource

Bullion will Outlast Bitcoin

Perhaps this is but one reason why so many BTC holders are selling Bitcoin for gold nowadays.

Of course, there are also trillions of other reasons for this physical gold for BTC buying trend.

These two asset classes are independent of one another. Many investors choose to buy and hold portions of their wealth in gold, bitcoin, other physical precious metals (like silver bars), and crypto currencies, likely for many of the same reasons.

If you would like to buy gold bullion with bitcoin, our traders can help you personally during open market hours. You can reach us in the U.S. at 1(800)294-8732 or through our live web chat feature on the bottom right of your screen.

FAQs About Buying Gold with Crypto

What is the Exchange Rate for Bitcoin transactions?

You can usually find the exchange rate for Bitcoin on your wallet app or websites such as crypto.com. You may also be charged a service fee when transacting with crypto currencies. They usually range from 0.5% to 4.5%.

What Bitcoin Wallet Works Best for Making Payments in Bitcoin?

You can use any wallet that has a compatible protocol with BitPay. The list includes BitPay Wallet, Copay Wallet, BTC.com Wallet, and many others. You can find the full list here.

What precious metals can I buy with crypto?

You can buy any of our precious metal products with crypto currencies through BitPay. That includes gold, platinum, palladium, and silver coins, bars, and rounds, among others. BitPay currently accepts payments with Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum, and many other crypto currencies.

What Are Your Shipping and Processing Times?

Orders are shipped within 1-3 business days after BitPay fully clears the transaction. BTC is one of the quickest forms of payment that we accept, but it may take as long as one business day for the payment protocol to be approved by BitPay.

Can I Cancel an Order?

When placing an order with Bitcoin via Bitpay for physical gold bullion items, your order and price are locked in at the time of your order. Because the gold price is constantly changing, orders cannot be canceled after they are locked in.

Can I Change the Payment Method to Bitcoin After the Order is Completed?

Because Bitcoin is an online, automated payment method, you will not be able to change it after it is locked in. Once BitPay settles your crypto currency payment, your order will be marked as payment received and sent to our shipping queue.

Can you buy gold with Ethereum?

In short, yes. Ethereum is widely recognized and accepted as a global cryptocurrency that can be used to buy bullion. One of its benefits is that it is not subject to any additional foreign exchange fees. Payments using Ethereum are also not subject to usual transaction fees like PayPal or credit cards.

Is there a discount applied to payments made with Bitcoin?

SD Bullion currently offers Bitcoin customers a 3% discount on our credit/debit card price on all orders. The Bitcoin fees, overall, are based on the amount of data sent or the wallet you use. But Bitcoin payments can be sent and received at very low fees or none since it does not go through third-party fees.

What is the current Bitcoin Price?

As of August 2023, it is fluctuating around 26.433,50 US Dollars.

Can I use different crypto currencies for payments?

Yes. There are multi-currency crypto wallets that accept multiple digital currencies for payment. They usually provide a platform to store, exchange, buy, and sell different kinds of cryptocurrencies.

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