Bullion Dealer Interview with James Anderson

Late last week, SD Bullion's James Anderson spoke with Eliie from youtube channel Urban Lifestyle, covering some basics on online bullion dealing. 

What does James do at SD Bullion? What does he stack (silver or gold)? How did he get involved in the bullion industry?

Come learn more about how SD Bullion operates its business and why payment policies in our industry are different than other industries.



This interview was recorded on Thursday, Janruary 24, 2019 by Ellie from Urban Lifestyle with guest James Anderson of SD Bullion.

Bullion Dealer Interview topic Timestamps:

  • @00:17 introduction of James and SD Bullion.
  • @01:43 do you stack bullion and why?
  • @03:20 when did you start working with SD Bullion.
  • @03:51 what makes SD Bullion the best bullion dealer and different than other bullion dealers?
  • @05:35 can you give us some details on bullion shipment automation and software you all use?
  • @07:25 are you considering adding unique smaller silver products to your inventory any time soon?
  • @09:14 where do you see the Gold Price and Silver Price in the years to come?
  • @11:00 background on the creation of SD Bullion and did you all foresee this growth?
  • @12:40 why do bullion dealers charge extra percentages for debit / credit card payment?
  • @14:00 why do bullion dealers hold check payments for so long (5 business days often)?
  • @15:25 how the bullion industry is so targeted for fraud?
  • @20:06 what guarantee does SD Bullion provide on American Silver Eagle coins (ASE) even if they are culls?
  • @22:10 any major sales coming up on ASEs or other bullion products?
  • @23:27 what is process if one is selling silver bullion to SD Bullion?
  • @25:53 have you all ever received fake bullion products sold to you?
  • @28:45 what are your thoughts on copper bullion?
  • @30:47 what about rhodium, are you interested in that rare precious metal too?
  • @31:43 how can people learn more about bullion from SD Bullion?

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