How Much Does a Silver Dollar Weigh?

When silver coin buyers search for the weight of silver dollar coins, they are typically looking for both the overall and actual silver content weight of common 90% Morgan dollar silver coins and 90% Peace dollar silver coins.

Learn below how much these often commonly circulated 90% silver dollar coins weigh overall and how much silver content they typically have.

And also find out throughout their combined 38-year mintage timeframes, how many millions of these two popular and unique 90% US silver dollar coins were issued.

How much does a silver dollar weigh?

Common silver dollar coins weigh 26.73 grams in total, containing just over 24.05 grams of silver content.

Furthermore, common silver dollar coins weigh 0.8593 troy ounces in total, containing just over 0.7734 troy ounces of silver content.

The American Silver Eagle Coin weigh 1 full troy ounce, with purity 0.999 of silver..

Silver Morgan Dollar Coins: Minted 1878 - 1904 & in 1921

Named after its designer, George T. Morgan. The 90% Morgan Dollar silver coins were made with 90% silver and 10% copper by the US Mint for circulation in the United States of America.

In a 28-year timeframe, just over 305,000,000 of these 90% silver Morgan Dollar coins were struck and issued.

Silver Peace Dollar Coins: Minted 1921 - 1935

The 90% Peace Dollar silver coin is the last silver dollar coin minted for circulation in the United States of America.

They were also made with 90% silver and 10% copper by the United States Mint for circulation and day to day commerce in the United States of America.

The US Mint made just over 111,000,000 of these 90% silver Peace Dollar coins in a total 10-year timeframe of total mintages.

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