1964 Morgan Dollar | As Seen on TV Sarcasm

If you cannot sleep or suffer from insomnia, chances are you too have seen your fair share of late-night, too-good-to-be-true offers on tell-a-vision.

This TV 1964 Morgan ‘Silver’ Dollar coin offer has value adds galore. It comes complete with a likely Chinese made velveteen coin box, a laser-printed signed paper certificate, and about five cupronickels in melt value. They got purely clad with a meager 0.0022827 troy ounces of fine silver.

In 2016, a couple of numismatists (actual rare coin collector experts), visited the US Mint and unearthed the famed 1964 Morgan Dollar coin dies. These were saved coin stamping mechanisms, that while potentially did strick some several hundred thousand never released 1964 Morgan Dollar silver coins. Those same silver coins were quickly melted down and never issued by the US Mint to the US public.

You can find Morgan Dollar silver coin mintage figures which show many were struck and released by the US Mint over the nation's monetary history.

This story of potential 1964 Morgan Dollar silver coins, excited many coin collectors and the lure of potentially finding one of these holy grail collector items. Again, there are none aside from the US Mint owned coins dies.

The hype was enough to fuel some copy and clad versions, complete with a late-night 1964 Morgan Dollar advertising campaign that still gets used today. This product aims at the lowest common denominator target market by perhaps using all the typical lizard brains marketing tactics one could jam into a 120-second advertisement.

Working in this industry for over a decade, the lengths some will go to make a few quick fiat Federal Reserve notes often boggles my mind.

A few years back, I (James Anderson of SD Bullion), had some fun making a sarcastic version of this ongoing TV spot. In the hopes of staying sane and perhaps to help shed some dark humor light on this 'offer,' you might surely regret buying.


1964 Morgan Dollar? - Demeaning Tricks-Me-More Sarcasm V/O


With only 71 milligrams of silver-clad covering these never existing ‘copy’ coins, potential would-be buyers are guaranteed at today’s silver spot price to receive less than 4¢ of silver melt value per clad coin.

Are you in search of some decoy silver bullion hiding diversions to throw off would-be home invaders? Maybe owning some fake, barely clad silver coins, could be worth some fiat $50 USD, if they could serve that purpose safely.

Even the densest would be silver coins thieves, could quickly realize these cupronickel silver-clad coins are not real 90% silver Morgan Dollar coins. They have the letters COPY struck on them. You would not probably be able to get over on them in other words. You likely only aggravate would-be criminals by trying to pawn them off as valuable.

Hurry, and remember this offer is for a 'limited time,' with a strict limit of five clad pieces per household.

If you are reading this in the wee hours of the morning, perhaps best to turn off the tell-a-vision and try to get some shuteye.

There will be more poor gold industry practices and hard to detect counterfeit good deals to come. At least this one was twistedly entertaining and unlikely to hurt people as severely as many others TV gold and silver ‘offers’ allegedly do.

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James Anderson
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