2021 5 oz Ama-Gi Liberty High Relief Silver - The Awakening Series


2021 5 oz Ama-Gi Liberty High Relief Silver - The Awakening Series

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2021 5 oz Ama-Gi Liberty High Relief Silver - The Awakening Series

The highly anticipated second release of the groundbreaking series named "The Awakening" launched in 2021 with a piece called “Infinite Liberty”.

Even more popular than its predecessor, which sold out within minutes of launching. “The Awakening” series aims to include themes and concepts that directly target the corruption and thievery being conducted by Governments, Financial Institutions, and Deep State Organizations that repeatedly strip the common man of true individual liberty.

This release featured a very limited mintage run of only 2,000 high relief silver rounds which were individually numbered on the rim. This immaculate High Relief 5 oz Silver Round follows in the footsteps of the incredibly popular inaugural piece called "Infinity". Showcasing a snake eating its own tail, collectors were immediately drawn to the message evident throughout the design. 

Obverse Design

The Obverse design has multiple timeless expressions of the concept of Liberty. Not only is it in the fabric of our nation, true individual Liberty is the ultimate object of human ambition throughout human history. In the background of the design is the Ama-Gi symbol. Ama-gi is Sumerian and is believed to be the first written expression of the concept of Liberty, dating back to the 21st century BC. A common interpretation of Ama-Gi is “a release from debt, slavery, taxation or punishment”. 

In the foreground of the design is a stoic, iconic figure of Lady Liberty, (who is derived from Libertas the goddess of freedom) which personifies modern liberty. Her image on this beautiful piece is both raw and powerful. She adorns a phrygian cap, which is a soft conical cap with the top bent over. These caps date back to antiquity, eventually came to represent the freed slave, and eventually evolved to symbolize freedom throughout the American 18th century which represented republicanism and anti-monarchical sentiment, and is commonly found in traditional American coinage.

The U.S. Army has, since 1778, used a "War Office Seal" in which the motto "This We'll Defend" is displayed directly over a Phrygian cap on an upturned sword. This motto is shown on the rim of the cap. 

The concept of Liberty is timeless, universal, and integral to the manifest destiny that every American Citizen is endowed. World Wars have been waged over this very idea, and history will undoubtedly find itself repeated in time as the liberties of populations are eroded by illegitimate rulers who wear a mask of empathy. Our Liberty must be defended now as it has been throughout human history.

The individual is Awakening, only to see the shadow of a restraint hovering over them, slowly advancing.

Reverse Design

On the Reverse is a striking design that depicts an eye opening, representing the collective public awakening to evil and corruption. This is widely recognized as the eye of the Pyramid found on the fiat US Dollar. The text "MDCCLXXVI" is beneath the eye, and is the Latin date of 1776, the year the Second Continental Congress declared independence from Great Britain. In front of the stones of the pyramid reads "ANNUIT COEPTIS"; translating to "He (God) has favored our undertakings". These elements are all inspired by the original US Seal in 1776. Seen in the stones of the Pyramid are the date "2021" and the weight and purity of the silver round. The reverse is capped off with the enlightening quote of "YOU CAN'T WAKE A PERSON WHO IS PRETENDING TO BE ASLEEP", which ties in the overall concept of the series.

The reverse design will be used throughout the series as it encompasses the mantra of the rounds that will follow.

More Information
Metal TypeSilver
IRA ApprovedNo
Mint Capsule IncludedYes
Metal Content5 Troy Oz
Diameter63.44 mm
Mint/ ManufacturerSunshine Mint
Country of ManufactureUnited States
Tube/Sheet QuantityN/A
Mint Box QuantityN/A
GradeBrilliant Unc
Release TypeN/A
Edge DesignReeded
Certificate of AuthenticityNo
International Shipping EligibleYes
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