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Buy 40% Silver Kennedy Half Dollars Online

The Silver Kennedy Half Dollar was initially struck in January of 1964, merely two months after the assassination of the 35th US President, John F. Kennedy, as a tribute to him. In the first mintage year, these coins were minted with a 90% silver alloy, which was reduced to 40% by Congress the following year.

History of the Kennedy Half Dollars

In 1970, the Treasury Department was worried about the hoarding of these silver coins for their melt value due to the rising silver price. In response, Congress passed another Coinage Law, completely removing any silver content from the Half Dollar or any other coin's minting in the United States. As of the next year, all Kennedy Half Dollars were struck with a copper core and an outer layer of nickel-copper alloy to make them look like they were made with silver (those are called clad coins). That was the same law that mandated the creation of the Eisenhower Dollar coin.


The obverse of this Half Dollar coin portrays the bust of President John F. Kennedy facing left (in the viewer's perspective). The word "LIBERTY" is minted above, on the outer rim. The American motto "IN GOD WE TRUST" is also inscribed on the sides of the design. Below the bust neck are the mint year and the mintmark.

The reverse features the Heraldic Eagle, adapted from the presidential seal. It holds an olive branch on one talon, and a set of arrows on the other, symbolizing America's desire for peace, but, at the same time, the readiness for war. On its beak, the eagle holds a banner with the inscription "E PLURIBUS UNUM". Five-pointed stars surround the design, along with the country's name "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" and the denomination "HALF DOLLAR".


The 40% Silver JFK Half Dollars carry a face value of $0.50 and are still considered legal tender. However, unlike the current Kennedy Half Dollars (made with the copper-nickel clad), these 40% silver coins are mostly traded for their silver bullion content (intrinsic value).

Much like silver bullion coins minted nowadays by the US Mint (i.e. the American Silver Eagles), precious metal investors purchase these half-dollar coins to diversify their portfolio and as a hedge against inflation. Also, in the events of a widespread economic collapse, they'll still hold their silver value.

Historically, precious metals, as a bullion investment, tend to perform well during times of economic downturns and are considered by many experts as a sensible tangible asset to diversify an investment portfolio.

40% silver coins typically carry little numismatic value and investors can usually purchase them for small premiums over the spot price of silver. It is, sometimes, mistakenly referred to as junk silver coins due to its wear. Nonetheless, at SD Bullion you can buy 40% Kennedy Half Dollar coins in Circulated or Brilliant Uncirculated conditions, in bags or rolls of $10 face value, or bags of $100 total.

Each 40% Kennedy Silver Half Dollar contains .1479 troy ounces of pure silver. The $10 face rolls and bags come with 20 coins and, thus, contain 2.958 troy ounces total in silver value.

The $100 face bags contain 200 of these silver coins, with a total of 29.58 troy ounces of fine silver content.

Buy 40% Silver Half Dollars

Seize the opportunity to own part of American history with these 40% Silver Half Dollar coins and purchase them from SD Bullion today!

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