Perth Mint Year of the Dog Gold Coins

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The 2018-issue gold coins under the infamous Lunar Series II Gold Coin program is now available at SD Bullion. These 2018 Year of the Dog Gold Coins feature a brand new design that honors the dog, the animal influencing the year 2018, according to the Chinese Zodiac. The variety of weights ensure that all types of buyers and budgets are accommodated.

The British Empire set up the Perth Mint in Australia as a branch of the Royal Mint in London. It was established with the purpose of using gold from the gold rush and strike gold sovereigns and half-sovereigns in the country. In fact, between 1899 and 1931, Perth Mint struck over 106 million gold sovereigns and almost 735,000 half-sovereigns.

Some coin programs from this mint have become synonymous with top-notch quality as collectors and investors stay on the lookout for fresh releases from the Perth Mint. Today, the Perth Mint is counted among an elite group of mints throughout the globe whose products’ purity, quality, and artistry are beyond reproach.

Perth Mint started the Lunar Series II coin program with gold and silver variants in 2008 due to the popularity of its predecessor – Lunar Series I. The coins released under this coin program honor the animals in the Chinese Zodiac, and every release has become a globally awaited event.

The Chinese calendar follows a 12-year cycle according to the Chinese zodiac, each year influenced by a specific animal. The Lunar Series II Coins celebrates each animal in the zodiac, releasing a coin with a different design depending on the animal being honored. These coins are struck in various weights of 0.9999 pure gold, and also carry legal tender face value – highlighting the backing of the Australian Government.

The reverses of these coins bear the image of a Labrador Retriever dog – honoring the animal influencing the year 2018. The dog is playing among the rocks next to a stylized pine tree. This side also features the Chinese character that denotes the word ‘dog’ as well as the phrase ‘Year of the Dog’ imprinted below the dog’s portrayal.

As there are a total of 12 animals in the zodiac, the Lunar Series II Gold Coin program will soon come to a close with the launch of the Year of the Pig Gold Coins in 2019. Collectors missing the 2018 Year of the Dog Gold Coins from their Lunar Series II sets should snag them as soon as possible; stocks will only dwindle due to limited mintages.