Want to See Inside SD Bullion Vaults?

We recently invited Yankee Stacking to our private facilities for a tour and to shoot some video of what the inside of SD Bullion looks like. From a $3.9 million dollar box of gold to pallets of 1,000 oz silver bars, this video is shocking gold and silver stackers.

Check out what some viewers of the video are saying:

"You should put a "drool" warning on this video!   :)"

"That was totally amazing! My jaw was dropped the entire video  :)"

"Thats most epic video!! So nice SD Bullion to let you do the tour Yankee! My jaw dropped looking at the monster boxes just wow wow no words amazing!!"

There's nearly 700 comments of viewers intrigued by the video. We hope you enjoy seeing where we started and what we have become. This video is a tribute to our amazing customer base and amazing team members that work hard every day to make SD Bullion the best online bullion dealer, period.

Stack on!

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Chase Turner
Chase Turner

Chase has been buying and selling gold, silver and platinum since 2009, when he opened a local gold shop. He fell in love with buying gold and silver bullion after learning how the world monetary system works and has been an avid believer and preacher of hard assets ever since. 

He has worked in various levels and sectors within the precious metals industry and has consulted thousands of precious metals investors on the best way to buy and sell bullion at all levels...