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Metals & Markets

  1. Record Gold Prices, QE Forever Coming

    To begin this video, have a look at the Gold Spot Price chart for the 21st Century.

    The yellow line is the fiat Federal Reserve note ($USD) denominated twenty-year gold price history per troy ounce.

    The black line is an ongoing average of 163 other full fiat currency spot prices for gold, also measured from the year 2000 to now in 2020.

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  2. JP Morgan’s Unanswered Questions in The Silver Market

    SD Bullion’s own James Anderson went on the Arcadia Economics YouTube channel to talk with Chris Marcus about the unanswered questions left by JP Morgan in the silver market.

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  3. Talking Precious Metals with James Anderson and Forex Analytix

    James Anderson from SD Bullion spoke with Forex Analytix about the current state of precious metals.

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