Bullion Resilience in the Face of "The Great Taking"


  • The author expresses a concern about sensationalistic content and emphasizes the importance of addressing a real threat that is worth viewing and reading directly.
  • Over a decade of discussions in the physical precious metals industry about the importance of holding physical assets and taking direct delivery of shares in stock are highlighted.
  • There's a mention of a potential dystopian future where people own nothing by 2030, and the audience is encouraged to stay tuned for a preview in the second half of the week's update.
  • The author acknowledges that some suggested remedies may be disagreeable but insists that the research is accurate and sourced, available in a free +100 page PDF.
  • The audience is encouraged to judge and research the content further, with the hope that the concerns presented are incorrect.
  • The blog then delves into details about the spot gold price reaching a new record of over $2,150 oz and the volatility in the spot gold price throughout the week.
  • The impact of a phony jobs report on the gold price is discussed, and the potential manipulation of gold prices in COMEX trading is highlighted.
  • The blog touches on geopolitical events, including drone attacks in the Red Sea, blame on Iran, and shifts in alliances toward a more multipolar world involving gold and oil.
  • The post concludes with a preview of "The Great Taking," a 2023 book and video by David Rogers Webb, outlining his argument about a global economic restructuring triggered by rising interest rates and defaults on debt. Links to the free video and PDF versions are provided, and the audience is invited to share their thoughts on the content.

We're going to end this week with a preview of some free information both in visual and written formats that I have been deliberating on showing you for many months now.

It is not for the faint of heart, and I certainly abhor the idea of this channel becoming a chicken little, the sky is falling clown of hyperbolic content week to week.

But this real threat is worth viewing and reading directly. For over a decade now many in the physical precious metals industry have talked about if you don't hold it you don't own it. And even about taking direct delivery of shares in stock so worse comes to pass, you are not left with your broker up and vanishing with what you supposedly thought you owned.

Well, if you perhaps ever wondered how by the year 2030 we could ever collectively get to a WEF dystopia where we in the masses own nothing, and are somehow happy. Then you might want to stay tuned to the second half of this week's update for a preview.

Now some of the authors suggested remedies you may not agree with, but his research over decades to present day, are accurate and sourced in his free +100 page PDF, of which I will link in the show notes and pinned top comments below.

Hopefully the author ends up being incorrect in his concerns, but I will leave you to judge and research the content further if you deem it worthy. 

If he is even partially correct in his current thesis of our coming futures, I would very much regret not having tipped you off to his work and viewpoints.

As I said, we will get into the aforementioned information in the 2nd half of this week's bullion market update.

First we must dig into some details about why the spot gold price ramped to a new record price high of over $2,150 oz in early somewhat illiquid last Sunday evening electronic trading hours just before Asian markets fully opened.

A crazy up down week in the spot gold price it was as the fiat dollar gold price gyrated up and down around $150 oz in this mere week of trading. 

In the grand scope of the full fiat currency gold trading era this week will be just another blip on the price chart candles ongoing. Alerting the world that $2000 is likely not the ceiling but more-so the long term floor and support for higher future moves ahead.

Of course I have my takes, on what happened we'll get into those in a minute, but first let's see how the eastern world in India specifically was taking the rapid upward move to start the week.

INDIA CNBC-TV18 Record Gold Price Coverage:

Hearing from CPM Group's Jeffrey Christian

Now let's both hear from and hand it to CPM Group's Jeffrey Christian, for being somewhat accurate on his call from over 5 1/2 years ago:

We expect a sharp increase in gold prices into 2024-2025: CPM's Jeffrey Christian

So referring to last Sunday night, there were reports of drone attacks on maritime ships in the Red Sea near the very important Suez Canal, that could have certainly spiked gold longs in the opening hours of trading in Asia.

The US military was quick to blame Iran as the financing power behind the drone attacks coming out of war torn Yemen.

And of course a few days later guess who visited Moscow to further close ties and publicly condemn the continued bombings of Gaza as an ongoing war crime in motion.

Before the Iranian powers visited Putin in Russia this past week, Putin dragged his head central banker to Saudi Arabia for a visit in person.

Continued shifts in alliances toward a more multipolar world continue perhaps involving more direct trading using critical commodities each respective country is a powerhouse in, that being gold for Russia, and oil in Saudi Arabia. Of course nothing official was announced but even veteran financial plumbing developers are stating the obvious in their tweets.

This last month of November 2023 China added another over 11 metric tonnes to its growing Official Gold Reserve number, adding gold officially in consecutive months for over a year now.

Of course we'll wait to see if this year's admitted collective central bank gold bullion buying will break last year's all time high level. To put over 1,000 metric tonnes in context that is over 1/4th of all new gold mined and refined in a typical calendar year. In other words the central bank class is already admitted to taking 1/4th of annual gold supplies physically.

Meanwhile and continuing onwards, silver supplies are getting sucked into solar panels mostly put into China which continues at a torrid pace. 

Bloomberg showed just that this week, note the red China bars exploding in silver requiring solar panel demand this year 2023, and projected to continue growing through the remainder of this decade into next.

Stick around on the other side of this minute and a half break we are going to dive into the threat especially aimed at US stock market investors were it to come to pass.

Spot Silver and Gold Markets: Weekly Performance Overview

The spot silver and gold markets ramped to start the week only to get sold off to close.

The spot silver price finished the week weakly due to falling gold and thus the spot gold silver ratio ramped to 87.

The spot silver price closed just over $23 oz bid and the spot gold price ended just over $2004 oz bid to finish the week.

Onwards to a preview of The Great Taking.

After reading and watching the information I am struck to suggest that there have been many 'Great Taking" eras throughout US financial history. I'ld argue they play out faster and seem to increasingly come along in our 21st Century much faster than they once did in the past. 

For instance the 1873 demonetization of silver helped contribute to bankruptcies especially in the newly settled mid-west and western USA but that took multiple decades to play out leading to the progressive FREE SILVER movement that ultimately failed to politically help free the then suppressed silver price and then ongoing values at the time.

The Great Depression, where just over 1/4th of all private circulating gold coinage was turned into Federal Reserve Banks just before the then US dollar got devalued from $20.67 oz to the still too low level of $35 oz. You could argue it should have been $70 oz for half that number didn't cover the amount of unbacked dollar currency creation which was rampant in the 1920s stock market bubble mania. It was only World War 2 that pulled us out of that Great Taking quagmire.

The 2008 GFC and 2020 Covid PPP looting of the Treasury of course are two more recent examples of Great Takings, albeit on much smaller scales than what is about to be described and played in a brief video preview format.

"The Great Taking" is a 2023 book and video by financial analyst David Rogers Webb. He argues that the global economy is reaching a point where rising interest rates will trigger a cascade of defaults on debt, leading to widespread asset seizures and a significant transfer of wealth from individuals to the "protected class" of financial elite citing case law from the 2008 Lehman Brothers as future precedent. 

Webb proposes that this "Great Taking" is inevitable and will result in a complete restructuring of the global financial system.

His research claims for nearly five decades running powerful financial elites have been working to implement a global system of control, including the potential seizure of all individual paper asset property and on paper wealth. His theory overlaps with concerns about the rise of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) as a result of the coming fallouts.

Here is a brief but important 10 minute section from his recent documentary video version of his book and overall thesis.

Just this week I noticed recent BIS warnings regarding potential coming margin calls at Central Clearinghouses as potentially stoking negative feedback fire sales which could set off future financial crises. Nice potential we told you what might set it off trial balloon in print perhaps.

I would like to hear your thoughts from those of you who have seen and read "The Great Taking". 

For those who have not yet, the links to both the free video and free PDF versions are below.

That will be all for this week's SD Bullion Market Update.

As always to you out there, take great care of yourselves and those you love.

The Great Taking - Documentary


The Great Taking PDF - https://img1.wsimg.com/blobby/go/1ee786fb-3c78-4903-9701-d614892d09d6/The%20Great%20Taking.pdf

Digital Download Website


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