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JP Morgan Silver Conspiracy Fact? | DoJ Comes Down Hard

Today’s news out of the Department of Justice is one in which many have been waiting to see for a very long time.

The former head of the JP Morgan Precious Metals derivative trading desk and others have gotten formally charged with RICO and financial crimes.

Here we dive into a few details of the charges as well pose more profound questions for market participants. Whose faith in our financial markets has no doubt wained over the last decade or more in time.

Which other major unreported factors might continually also "undermine the investing public’s trust in the integrity of our commodities markets?" 

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NIRP, Real Negative Interest Rates We've Had Since 1990s | Eric Dubin

Real Negative Interest Rates have been in the USA since mid 1990s

Not merely a returning guest, but a returning original host of this SD Metals & Markets podcast.

Eric Dubin drops by to talk financial markets and some of the craziest news from this week.

Such as a more than 23 yr employee and the up until last month, the global head of JP Morgan’s precious metal trading desk has been on a leave of absence from work. We ponder what that might mean as the US Department of Justice continues its investigation of financial crimes committed for more than a decade at that bank’s derivatives trading desks.

President Trump tweeted on 9/11 for the Fed to cut not just to Zero percent but even nominal Negative Interest Rates ahead. If you think gold loves negative real rates, just imagine what nominal negative rates in the USA could do to the over-leverage gold derivative complex.

Those topics and more covered in this week's Metals & Markets bullion podcast.

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JP Morgan Precious Metals Trading Head Placed on Leave

JPMorgan Silver Trading Desk Head Placed on Leave SD Bullion

A report out of Reuters just confirmed that JP Morgan's Head of Precious Metals Trading in New York was put on leave last month, August 2019.

Having worked as the bank's leading silver, gold, platinum, palladium, and base metals derivative contract trader for over 23 years, was perhaps not enough time served for JP Morgan to remain loyal.

JP Morgan is still under an ongoing US Department of Justice (DoJ) investigation into the bank's often nefarious precious metals trader crimes committed often over the last more than one decade.

See some of the recent JP Morgan precious metal trader crime convictions and let us ponder on which may further come via the DoJ's deepening investigation.

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Chinese Gold Futures | What is COMEX / US Treasury up to?

Shanghai Gold Futures Contracts COMEX CME Group SD Bullion SDBullion

This gold price discovery market update revolves around COMEX gold price action and is important for both seasoned and new gold bullion buyers alike.

The world’s largest combined miner and importer of gold bullion is our now supposed trade war advisory. Yet recent headlines show that the west is further intertwining with Chinese financial market interests. 

In the USA, we are still incentivizing other foreign central banks to actively trade derivatives within our financial markets. Ones which ultimately help deduce the prices of real-world things such as crude oil, silver bullion, natural gas, and gold bullion.

This coming October 14, 2019, the CME Group’s COMEX gold derivative exchange is going to be introducing a respective fiat US dollar and fiat yuan renminbi-denominated Shanghai Gold Futures contracts aimed at its mostly western gold derivative trading clients.

Why would the US Treasury allow this if we are indeed in a legitimate ongoing trade war with China? 

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Gold under NIRP? | Negative Interest Rates vs Bullion

Negative interest rates gold bullion values SD Bullion

President Trump today called for the Federal Reserve to drop interest rates to zero and beyond into negative interest rate policy threshold levels.

Some onlookers might be shocked to learn, and we have been living under negative real interest rate policies since the late 1990s in the United States (although not nominally of course, yet).

But in the most important gauge of all, in real terms, when using the real more accurate 1980 fiat US dollar inflation metrics. The fiat US dollar price of gold is now up about 7X since we went real NIRP late 1990s.

Today's admission from the POTUS, of our intended, further leaning towards NIRP (likely before an inevitable financial structural reset gets undertaken), it is just further fuel adding to bullion's upcoming mania phase in value.

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Silver Price High Record | Silver Price Highest in Fiat USD

Highest Silver Price, High Silver Price, Record Silver Price

Now that all four precious metal prices are moving towards accounting for fully fiat US dollar debasement.

It is the right time to look back and ask ourselves, "What is the all-time highest silver price in fiat Federal Reserve notes?"

The answer is not as simpleton as some $50 oz JP Morgan in late April 2011. Nor as erroneous as some Hunt Brothers late January 1980 market-corner narrative.

It is much more complex and takes into account compounding lies for about four decades of time. Better we also too consider, "What are the highest silver values prices paid out in fiat Fed notes and US dollars all time?"

Here we do just that looking backward. So we can perhaps better surmise potential future silver prices looking forward in time.

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Silver Price Forecast | Silver Price Predictions 2019

Silver Price Forecasts Silver Price Predictions for 2019 SD Bullion

Are you wondering about where the price of silver in fiat US dollars will go to in 2019?

The following is a list of 2019 silver price forecasts and silver price predictions by silver market analysts deep in the precious metal derivative and silver bullion trade.

Remember that often the inverse measurement we US bullion buyers and sellers use to value silver here is a fiat currency that has lost over 95% of its value to silver bullion throughout its existence.

We believe the trend of fiat US dollars losing value to silver bullion will not continue into the 2020s.

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Silver Margin Requirements? | Silver Futures Symbol SI

Comex silver margin requirements

To better understand how the spot price of silver gets 'discovered,' you need to understand some of the critical inputs in one of the most significant dictators of silver bullion prices, the CME Group's COMEX in New York.

Here we cover what silver margin requirements are. What are they for, and why do they change over time?

What was the highest Comex silver margin requirement ever recorded?

How might have increaser sharply SI margin requirements caused the silver spot price to collapse in late 2011?

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Silver vs Gold 2020s | Which is most Bullish?

Ned Naylor-Leyland Silver Gold SD Bullion

Fresh after speaking with our SD Metals & Markets Wrap bullion podcast listeners. Ned Naylor-Leyland went on CNBC Asia and proclaimed his bullishness for gold.

Rather than getting caught up in some silly day and time price record guesswork, Ned sidestepped the lady anchors with some smooth jewelry takes.

Only to finish this quick cameo by declaring silver the most bullish of the monetary metals at the moment. 

Any bullion buyers with a grey hair or two should know, there have been, and thus will again be timeframes in which silver strongly outperforms gold.

Here we examine a few of the critical differences between Silver vs Gold.

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What is NYMEX? (Platinum, Palladium Futures Contracts)

If you have been studying commodity markets or buying bullion chances are high, you will have come across the acronym NYMEX.

Here we discuss what is the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX), its history, and relevance, especially to Platinum bullion and Palladium bullion prices at SD Bullion and beyond.

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What will fuel Silver Gold to New Highs? | Ned Naylor Leyland

What will fuel Silver Gold Record Prices to Come Ned Naylor Leyland SD Bullion Podcast

Another intense week for the precious metals complex, with monetary spot prices peaking in the middle of the week.

On Wednesday, the spot gold price briefly eclipsed the critical $1550 level. It remains questionable if gold will make a run for $1600 or need some time to gather energy.

It was one year ago, the last time we spoke with Ned Naylor-Leyland in London.

I spoke with him yesterday, Thursday, September 5th about the significant changes in financial market sentiments since we last spoke. We primarily focus on the silver market.

What are the catalysts which will drive a raging bull market for precious metals? 

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How to Clean Silver Coins (Common Date)

Cleaning Silver Coins How to Clean Silver Coins

How to clean silver coins that are not numismatic nor highly collectible is an easy process. It can often be done with just a handful of household items. Here we’ll show you how to clean silver coins in 15 minutes time.

WARNING: you should never clean highly collectible rare numismatic coins.

That said, there are many common silver coins and silver items like silver jewelry or silverware which you can easily clean using household items.

In this SD Bullion blog post and accompanying SD Bullion youtube video, we will focus on simple methods for cleaning silver coins. Come learn how to do it yourself and see the results.

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Does GOLD Rust, Tarnish, or Corrode?

Can gold rust? Does gold rust? Can gold tarnish? Does gold tarnish? Can gold corrode? Does gold corrode?

Here we examine whether or not gold can corrode (rust) or tarnish. The quick answer is some gold pieces actually can tarnish.

Although we all may have learned that pure physical gold is chemically inert and non-reactive, that does not mean some gold items do not tarnish over time. 

The answer to this question will mostly depend on the purity of the physical gold item in question whether a piece of gold gets comprised as 24k fine .999 gold, 22k gold, 18k, 14k, or an even lower purity of gold.

Learn if and how indeed, "Can Gold Tarnish?"

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New Financial Crisis Laws: Bank Bail-ins, Money Market Freeze

How to avoid bank bail-in, Christine Lagarde

There has been over a 50% increase in global debt levels since 2007.

Increased financial complexity and unpayable debt make a new financial crisis a near certainty.

Thus many new financial spillover lock-down laws have been quietly put in place in the USA and around the world (G20 nations).

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Gold Bubble Silver Bubble Narratives 2020s

gold price bubble, silver price bubble, david rosenberg, gold price rise from mmt, gold price rise from debt monitization, silver gold bubble 2020s

Virtually every financial bubble ever eventually needs and reaches a consistent mantra or narrative to help spur the mass of investors to follow suit and not feel crazy contrarian buying into it.

It is, for this reason, we often see first-time bullion buyers prefer to purchase their bullion as spot prices rise as opposed to when spot prices underlying bullion values fall.

With investing, or buying into speculations, one would likely prefer to acquire their asset and cost basis at lower price points. Therefore falling prices should perhaps be attractive to contrarian or value investors.

Then there is the momentum investor outlook or perspective. That you want to buy and swim with the rising tides, as those middle of move gains in any bull market are perhaps the easiest to catch.

In the short video here, we have highly respected financial analyst and economist, David Rosenberg, giving a beginning 2020s narrative for why we are going to likely see the start of a potential gold bubble (and possible silver bubble) in the years to come.

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US dollar Inflation Charts | Full History

dollar inflation chart, gold vs dollar history chart, dollar vs gold historical chart, how much was the dollar worth in 1900, SD Bullion

If we have bothered to really look at the data and our past when considering our potential futures.

We really cannot say we were not warned about the possibility of losing another swath of fiat US dollar purchasing power to gold bullion in the coming decade(s).

Here you can find some interesting US DOLLAR INFLATION CHARTs often using the ultimate accounter of fiat currency, gold bullion.

Gold bullion has accounted for either unsound fiscal policies and or fiat currency flameouts during eras of the Revolutionary War, Civil War, following WW1 into FDR's gold bullion confiscation, and then following Nixon's full fiat Federal Reserve note rollover 1971-1980.

Our fiscal policies only appear to be getting more unsound by the year. How's it going to play out this next go-round for Gold vs dollar history?

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Platinum Investment 2020? | Platinum Charts Video Discussion

Platinum Investment Chart 2020 SD Bullion

We have done the century-plus research and math. 

All the Platinum Bullion in the world could likely fit inside a walk-in closet (est. 8 million troy ounces or 2.26-meter cube per side or 7.43 feet cube per side).

Platinum is also about as cheap right now versus gold, as it has been in over 100 years. For long term bullion bulls, platinum may only be bested by silver bullion in terms of overall value potential ahead.

Here we have a 1-hour discussion on Platinum price history, supply, demand, and potential future. We discuss why now platinum may (along versus silver) be the best value in precious metals arena.

The all-time fiat US dollar price high of platinum in 2008, might get retested and passed in the coming decade(s). Come hear a little on why we believe this to be so.

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How Much Platinum is in the World?

how much platinum is there SD Bullion

There has been a long-running claim that the total amount of physical platinum the world has ever mined would fit into an average living room or garage.

Here we examine various deep dive platinum data sources, to best estimate how much platinum is indeed in the world.

And we find out if the potential platinum pumper claim if that “all platinum could find into an average garage” is true or not.

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Dave Kranzler, Investment Research Dynamics | Gold Silver Market Update

Gold Podcast Silver Podcast Bullion Podcast Platinum Podcast

Dave Kranzler comes back on our gold silver podcast Metals & Markets Wrap.

We talk about the bullishness in bullion values of late. What he is seeing and perhaps expects in the financial markets to come.

We also touch on easy to perform gauges for the current precious metal market sentiment. Timeframes that may have been similar this century.

And what is going on in the precious metal-loving eastern world versus the western world? Come on in, the PM market is warming up.

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Fake-Branded Gold Bars hit JP Morgan | GLD Irony

GLD irony fake gold

As much as $50 million fiat-US dollars in gold bullion bar value has turned up with falsely struck gold bullion bar hallmarks.

As if recent precious metal manipulation news could not get worse for JP Morgan, their name got dragged into another gold scandal.

Gold refining executives from Switzerland recently told Reuters that at least 1,000 gold kilo bars have been found misleadingly struck with gold hallmarks from which they did not originate.

Ironic given that the Reuters exclusive video for this story was also front-run by GLD. A gold derivative ETF which is the largest and perhaps worst gold fund that unsecured creditors own today. 

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