2018 Somalian Elephant Silver Coin 1 oz

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Buy 2018 Somalian Elephant Silver Coins Online

Ever since the Somalian Silver Elephant Coins first released in 2004, they have become one of the most acclaimed coin series hailing from the African continent. These 2018 Somalian Silver Elephant Coins, from the Bavarian State Mint in Germany, are this year’s much-awaited releases under the Somalian Elephant coin program.

Each of these coins contains 1 troy ounce of 0.9999 pure silver. Moreover, they have the official backing of the Somalian Government – attested by the legal tender value of 100 shillings assigned to them.

The obverses of these coins display the Somalian Coat of Arms. It consists of two leopards propping up a shield with three of their paws, while balancing themselves on a spear using one paw. The name of the issuing country ‘Somali Republic’ is emblazoned above the Coat of Arms. Furthermore, the year of issue (2018) is split into two parts, with ‘20’ seen to the left of the Somali Coat of Arms and ‘18’ imprinted to its right.

Reverse sides of these silver coins bear an image of the majestic elephant that gives this series its name. The phrase ‘African Wildlife,’ the weight and purity ‘1 oz Ag 999.9,’ and the word ‘Elephant’ encircle the elephant’s portrayal – giving this side an informative, yet elegant touch.

These 2018 Somalian Silver Elephant Coins are must-haves for collectors who want to keep their coin collections up to date. Moreover, the 0.9999 pure silver in these coins makes them an ideal purchase for those who want to diversify their precious metals portfolios with coins that boast being struck using silver of the highest purity, as well as belonging to a highly popular coin program.

1 troy oz .9999 fine silver
Air tite size: 39mm
Multiples of 20 coins ship in original mint tubes
Multiples of 500 coins ship in original mint "Monster Box"

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