RCM Birds of Prey Series Silver Coins

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Canada is home to a wide variety of birds of prey, and celebrating this fact, the Royal Canadian Mint began the famous ‘Birds of Prey’ series of coins in 2014. Ian E. Bennett, the CEO of the Royal Canadian Mint at the time, indicated that the collection was aimed at solidifying the quality people have come to expect from RCM products in addition to capturing the imagination of their customers with Canadian themed silver bullion, which celebrated the country’s unique aspects.

Considering the long history of the Royal Canadian Mint in striking excellent precious metals products for over a century, each of these silver coins is minted with utmost care – producing coins of the finest quality, in the precious metals market.

With a total of 4 coins, this series started with a coin depicting a majestic Peregrine Falcon in February 2014. The following releases in this series were issued in August 2014, February 2015, and August 2015, featuring a Canadian Bald Eagle, Canadian Silver Red-Tailed Hawk, and the Great Horned Owl respectively.

Each of the coins in the ‘Birds of Prey’ series was crafted using 1 troy ounce of fine .9999 purity silver. These coins are beautifully designed with glossy devices defining the image of each powerful bird in contrast with the soft luster of the background. Further adding to their value, all these coins are also recognized as legal tender in Canada – with a face value of $5 (CAD).

Portraying beautiful imagery that celebrates the unique species of birds native to Canada, the absence of any coin from this series in a Canadian coin collection, would be remiss. Additionally, the pure .9999 silver used to mint these coins makes them an excellent vehicle for investments. Boasting a line of rare birds featured on them, each of the beautifully crafted coins in the ‘Birds of Prey’ series by the RCM will not disappoint you.