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As we eventually move out of an era in which precious metals and consumed commodities have likely never been cheaper versus paper and financial assets, now is the time to review why a historically cheap precious metal like silver makes sense for prudent investor bullion allocations with 2 to 5 year or even longer time horizons.

In the following silver investing fundamentals video, we will discuss physical silver reality as well as current silver supply and silver demand factors moving into the 2020s. Let's begin with the physical silver industry's supply chain.

Not just from the ground, and no silver bullion is not a mere entry into a bookkeeping ledger or a digital liability. Physical silver is born from the most violent phenomenon we human beings have ever witnessed… exploding stars.

Scientifically explained planets, including our own here on earth form from epic collisions between asteroids and even bigger bodies called proto-planets. Sometimes the colliding bodies are ground to dust, and sometimes they stick together to form giant mature planets ultimately.



Here on this planet Earth, in the 21st century, we're still digging for silver. We’ve been doing this for about 5,000 years. The effort required to produce fine silver has endured for millennia. After silver ore gets typically dug from the ground as a byproduct of nickel, lead and zinc metal mining, it usually gets securely moved to various precious metal refineries throughout the world. This video’s footage is from the Republic metals corporation, which formerly operated in Miami, Florida (USA).

The US Mint produces the world's most popular one-ounce American Eagle silver bullion coin.

In these embedded videos you can see the US Mint’s auto tube machine loading .999 fine silver bullion coins into protective US Mint tubes and ultimately into a green colored sealed US Mint Silver Eagle coin case (sometimes referred to in the industry as ‘Monster Boxes’).

Each one of the green US Mint ‘monster boxes’ weighs 40 pounds with 500 ounces of silver bullion coins contained in each. At the end of the following video, you can see the heft and interior of these investment-grade silver bullion product boxes when filled with silver bullion coins and protective US mint tubes.

Most Popular Silver Bullion Product - American Silver Eagle Coin


Silver bullion dealers like us here at SD Bullion, we buy and sell the physical precious metal products that silver refineries, private silver mints, and government silver mint’s create.

Shipping physical silver bullion products in the mail are more common than you might think. Products we mail are discreetly and tightly packaged. They get fully insured shipping with tracking information. An adult signature gets required on all large order deliveries. Aside from home delivery, as well as many fully insured non-bank secured logistics firms provide safe, secure ways to hold silver and gold bullion outside of the financial industry. You can learn more about non-bank gold silver storage services here.

To learn more about current physical Silver Bullion supply-demand investment factors as we move into the 2020s, we suggest picking up a copy of our FREE BULLION INVESTMENT GUIDE you download to your email inbox right now.

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