SD Bullion Exclusive: First Ever Geiger Running Giraffe

SD BULLION EXCLUSIVE - 2019 Geiger The Giraffe Coin

SD Bullion is proud to announce that we are the exclusive seller of the Geiger Giraffe Coins in North America. The Geiger Giraffe coins is the first issue of the World's Wildlife Series.

About the Geiger Gold Giraffe Coin

The new 2019 Geiger Gold Giraffe has an extremely limited worldwide mintage of only 1,000 gold coins. With such a limited mintage, these gold coins have a strong potential for premium appreciation down the road.

The coins are minted using .9999 (24-karat) pure gold bullion by Geiger. This is comparable to other gold coins minted using .9999 like Gold Buffalo coins, Gold Maple Leaf coins, etc.

Each of these coins comes individually encapsulated from the mint to preserve the coin’s beauty and quality.

The coins are minted in Germany by the private mint Geiger, however the coins are given a face value by the Congolese government, making them gold coins.

If you are looking to buy gold to add to your collection, a limited-mintage item like these Gold Giraffe coins may be the best option for you!

About the Geiger Silver Giraffe Coin

The Silver Giraffe also has a .9999 purity, just like its gold counterpart. Also similarly to the Gold Giraffe, the Geiger Giraffe Silver Coin has a limited mintage on it as well. The mintage cap for the Silver Giraffe coins is 30,000 pieces, similar to another SD Bullion exclusive series, the Truth Series which features the Tree of Life and the Roaring Lion.

The 2018 Tree of Life premium has already appreciated to $16.99 over spot, so you can see how a coin with such a limited mintage can appreciate in the coming years.

Each of these coins comes individually encapsulated from the mint to preserve the coin’s beauty and quality.

About the World’s Wildlife Series

The Giraffe is the first ever release of the brand new World’s Wildlife series. The series will continue with an annual release from the Geiger Mint. Each release will feature a new animal on the obverse every year. Geiger is yet to release their future designs, however they will most definitely be highly anticipated by gold and silver collectors.

The coins in the World’s Wildlife Series are most likely going to have a higher premium over the gold spot and silver spot than traditional coins like the Eagle coins or Maple Leaf coins. However, this series will have the potential for premium appreciation that those coin series do not, making them a potentially higher reward long-term purchase.

About the Geiger Edelmetalle Mint

Geiger Mint is one of the most famous private mints in the world. The Geiger Edelmetalle Mint has a history dating all the way back to the 13th century. It has two locations in Germany, one near Leipzig and the other near Stuttgart. In addition to their Germany locations, they also have two locations in Switzerland as well.

Geiger is most well-known for their line of silver bars. They have two major lines: their “Security Line” and their Schloss Guldengossa. Each bar in their Security Series is given its own unique serial number, giving the purchaser an extra level of comfort knowing they can easily check the viability of the bar. The Schloss Guldengossa line features the building that houses Geiger’s main location.

Geiger also produces poured bars, square bars, gram bars, and multiple other types of both silver and gold bars.

In recent years, Geiger has been contracted to produce bullion coins for foreign governments. However this is the first time in their illustrious history that they have created their own coin series.

→ With SD Bullion being the exclusive North American seller of these beautiful coins, make sure you lock in your piece as soon as possible! If you need any assistance with your purchase, feel free to call in and talk with one of our experienced bullion traders at 1-800-294-8732.