2016 Silver Shield Year of the Monkey - 1 oz Silver BU


2016 Silver Shield Year of the Monkey - 1 oz Silver BU

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Following the paradigm shattering the 2015 Silver Shield Year of the Sheep, in 2016 we focus on the monkey on all of our backs, DEBT.

Most people recognize that debt is a problem in this world, but few recognize the systemic collapse that is coming as a result of a world built on debt. While the masses are told about the $1.3 Trillion student loan debts or maybe $18.8 Trillion National debt, they are ignorant of the $240 Trillion unfunded liabilities of U.S. government. And that is just in the U.S.! Many of the other global governments are in worse shape, without the benefit of the world’s reserve currency.

In fact, it is even far worse than even those awakened individuals can imagine. The very fact that all of the world’s money is a debt based, fiat currency means that in order for any money to come into existence, a debt must be created. When debt is created, money is created. When debt is paid off, money is destroyed. If all of these crushing debts were to be paid off, there literally would not be $1 in the bank anywhere! AND… we would still owe the interest on all of that debt!

To bring this generational, Ponzi scheme nightmare to it’s source, one needs to look at the Trilliionaires that own the world’s Central Banks. That’s right, the Federal Reserve, Bank of International Settlements and almost all of the world’s central banks are privately owned! A private banking cartel that we all owe. Our debts are their performing assets. A few banking dynasties, like the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Warburg, Schiff, Kuhn-Loeb own the entire world through this cunning debt trap.

This frightening fact is why there has been a war on silver, real tangible money, for centuries. Two Opium Wars in China were mainly about the huge trade surplus China had with the British, that was settled in silver. Demonitization in India by the British crippled the second largest population on Earth. The demonitization of silver in the U.S. in 1873 plunged the American economy in to the worst depression that ever hit the U.S. Even today with the constant assault on the paper price of silver, the banksters will not relent.

Now is the time to fight back! Reject their debt based, Ponzi scheme money and stack real, tangible wealth in silver.

The 2016 Silver Shield Year of the Monkey is just one of many silver designs in the collection that have real meaning. Silver with meaning that will become more important as humanity wakes up to the nightmare of a global, systemic debt crisis. These Silver Shield strikes strive to create real, tangible wealth to be passed down for generations to come.

The 2016 Silver Shield Year of the Monkey is the second installment of the Silver Shield Lunar Series. It is available all year in a 1 ounce .999 pure silver Brilliant Uncirculated strike or a 1 ounce Proof-Like strike with an air-tite capsule, display case and unique numbered Red and Gold Certificate of Authenticity.

The Silver Shield Year of the Monkey is a 1 ounce Brilliant Uncirculated strike available now at SDBullion!

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More Information
Metal TypeSilver
IRA ApprovedNo
Mint Capsule IncludedNo
Metal Content1 Troy Oz
Diameter40 mm
Mint/ ManufacturerGolden State Mint
Country of ManufactureUnited States
Tube/Sheet Quantity20
Mint Box Quantity500
GradeBrilliant Unc
Grade ServiceN/A
Release TypeN/A
Edge DesignReeded
Certificate of AuthenticityNo
International Shipping EligibleYes
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