NuManna GMO Free Food Storage

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Numanna Emergency Food Supplies

When an emergency situation happens and you are cutoff from the ability to obtain needed resources, having emergency food supplies can help you stay safe until circumstances become safer. Unfortunately many of the food storage options which are on the market today have a taste that is rather unattractive. Numanna is one of the few exceptions to that rule, but the benefits of investing into Numanna emergency food doesn't stop there.

The emergency food kits offered by this brand contain no added soy products, no high fructose corn syrup, and are 100% GMO-free. Their nutritive packs, grab and go kits, and other food pouches contain no potentially harmful preservatives. Instead of not knowing where the food is created or settling for something that has a bland flavor at best, choose Numanna for your survival food needs today.

Prepper Food Has Never Been Better

The need for an emergency food supply is not something that often crosses our minds today. We worry about our financial well-being and we worry about our personal safety, but it is rare to think about what we would do if a natural disaster would strike or if there was a local food shortage for some reason. Now is the time to begin planning with the right prepper food that is organic and GMO-free, which means now is the time to look at Numanna.

Each region of the world has an emergency situation for which they need to plan. It might be an earthquake, a hurricane, a tsunami, or even a severe storm that can produce devastating tornadoes. With the right emergency food supply, instead of being forced to search for supplies, you'll be able to stay safe at home with the fulfilling meals made by Numanna that taste just as good as anything you might cook for dinner this evening.

The Defender Nutritive Pack covers your three meals needed for the entire day. Kids can be picky eaters, but the various American-made meal types that are available will have them wanting to eat your emergency food supply even when there isn't an emergency. With one of the best varieties of food types that can meet a number of dietary needs, every meal kit offers the exact instructions you'll need to prepare something tasty when you might not be able to make it to the grocery store.

Super Foods From and Experienced Emergency Food Supplier

Should the unthinkable happen, your body is going to require a high level of nutrients and calories so that you can have the energy to respond to any situation that may come your way. This is where Numanna separates itself as an emergency food supplier when compared to many other brands that are available today. You'll find beans, tomatoes, blueberries, and other super foods as part of the organic, all-natural food kits so you can be ready to face your day.

You'll find meals that are very familiar to you as well. Imagine sitting down to Pasta Primavera or Sweet Habanero Chili with your family in the peacefulness of your home, even if there is chaos outside, and feeling satisfied after you've finished eating. Enchilada Beans and Rice are another possibility. You can purchase individual servings or an entire month with a grab and go bucket which contains 76 servings if you wish. Options of up to 2 years of food storage, or 3,300+ servings, are also available.

At SD Bullion, we understand that it is important to protect your portfolio with gold, silver, and other precious metals so you can work toward a secure financial future. If an emergency happens and you don't have food to eat and there are no supplies to purchase, then even the strongest financial portfolio won't help you solve your hunger. You've worked to protect your financial health. Now work to protect your physical health thanks to the organic GMO-free foods offered by Numanna today.

Protect Yourself For the Next 25 Years With One Purchase

Numanna emergency food supply options are made to last. As an added advantage, all of the ingredients and major allergens are labeled on the individual packets so that you know exactly what you're putting into your body. You receive a condensed way to store a number of calories that are needed in an emergency situation and you can store these food products in your pantry for 25+ years with their extended shelf life.

Maybe you'll never need to have prepper food. As the world has shown us as of late, however, we live in times that can be very unpredictable. Even if there is a low risk for needing an emergency food supply, this one investment can help you lower the personal risks you might be forced to face if a disaster happens and you don't have food available for you and your family.

If you can boil water, then you can make Numanna foods. There's a reason why this is a food storage option that you're going to love to eat. The organic preppers have something available today that can help make sure you have food in any situation. Stock up today, protect yourself and your family in another vital way, and you'll be able to have a greater peace of mind.