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The New Zealand Mint is one of the most popular minting establishments in the world – with over four decades of quality gold coin and silver coin releases. Although its name might throw some people off, the New Zealand Mint isn’t a state-owned establishment. It is a privately-owned mint. In fact, it is the only private mint in New Zealand.

Since this mint is privately-owned, it doesn’t strike any circulation currency at all. Circulation currency is minted at the Royal Mint (United Kingdom) and the Royal Canadian Mint (Canada) for the Reserve Bank of New Zealand.

The New Zealand Mint mints legal tender bullion coins, gold and silver bullion, and various commemorative medallions – and it has been doing an outstanding job in this department for over four decades. Moreover, it is also one of the first mints that adopted the 0.9999 (99.99%) purity standard for gold.

Known as the “Minters of the South Pacific,” the New Zealand Mint serves the legal tender bullion coinage efforts of smaller nations like Fiji, Cook Islands, Niue, and Tuvalu.

Collectors and investors across the globe are quite familiar with the various coin series and products that emerge from this part of the world. Among all the mints in the region, New Zealand Mint is one of the most well-respected mints in the precious metals market.

New Zealand Mint precious metals products not only display remarkable designs, but they also boast licensing deals with popular companies and franchises. From Walt Disney and Pixar to Star Wars and Jurassic Park, the Mint has various products featuring characters, scenes, movie posters, and much more from pop culture classics.

In addition to its minting services, the New Zealand Mint also offers secure deposit boxes and storage services in state-of-the-art facilities based in Auckland. Investors and collectors can choose to trust the Mint’s high-tech facilities and security systems to safeguard their precious metals and other valuables.

Legal Tender New Zealand Mint Bullion Coin Series

Like all legal tender currency, official bullion coins feature a common image on their obverses. In the case of Niue, New Zealand, and Fiji, the portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II is used.

On the other hand, the reverses are used to capture and render unique designs that makes every release special.

Niue Disney Collection

Bearing legal tender status and officially recognized by the island nation of Niue, the coins in this collection feature timeless Walt Disney characters and scenes. Whether you’re a fan of Mickey Mouse or Frozen, New Zealand Mint’s Disney collection has you covered.

Coins from this series are available in both gold (0.9999 pure) and silver (0.999 pure) variants.

Niue Hawksbill Collection

This low-mintage annual release from the New Zealand Mint attracts attention from buyers across the world. They feature a magnificent portrayal of the rare Hawksbill Turtle. New Zealand Mint partners with Sunshine Minting, a private mint in the United States, and the island nation of Niue to design and strike these coins every year.

They are available in both gold (0.9999 pure) and silver (0.999 pure) variants.  

Fiji Taku Collection

Recognized by the sovereign nation of Fiji, the Fiji Taku Bullion Coin program is one of the most respected coin programs from this region. The series is a result of a collaboration between Fiji and the New Zealand Mint.

These coins also feature the brilliant rendition of a Hawksbill Turtle, commonly known as Taku in Fiji.