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Geiger Edelmetalle Mint

Traditional for a long-standing history and highly modern for its techniques, Geiger Edelmetalle carries a legacy of more than 800 years of precious metals mining and refinery. Geiger Edelmetalle is the oldest and still active German refinery manufacturing excellent quality pieces, with its own high anti-counterfeit technology: The Security Line Bars.

Due to its high popularity, its precious metal products are sought-after by private customers, trading partners, and the Armenian Central Bank, which annually receives Geiger products as sovereign silver coins.

Geiger Silver Bars and Gold Bars may be the most demanded products from the mint’s catalog. Silver products contain .999 fine silver, while gold ones are .9999 pure gold, meeting the LBMA purity standards. But its list of products is vast, including coins and rounds of varied weights and metals. Besides the noble silver and gold, it offers pieces in palladium, platinum, and copper in its bullion collections. 

For investors and collectors looking for high-quality gold coins, silver coins, or bullion bars with a high concentration of metal content without compromising the beauty of a precious metal piece, Geiger Edelmetalle products are something to keep an eye out for.

The History of the Mint and the Geiger Silver

Geiger Edelmetalle’s beginning dates back to 1218, which makes it the oldest German refinery still operating. The foundation of the first facility is in a Saxony region in the country's southeast. But the first registered office and actual headquarters are the Schloss Guldengossa Castle, built in 1720.

The wealthiest silver mines were in the mountains of Erzgebirge, which remained active in the mining and production of precious metals for more than 1000 years. Its first challenge was to establish Germany’s first silver trade in Leipzig. After this achievement, Geiger Edelmetalle spread offices worldwide to attend to its clients’ demands.

One of the most prominent names in the bullion market, the Mint became a symbol of high tech applied to guarantee the best anti-counterfeit measures allied to the excellence in precious metals.

A family business

Geiger Edelmetalle is a private family-owned operation, for centuries, dedicated to trading the best bullion bars, coins, and rounds, which include traditional silver, gold, platinum, palladium, and copper. In this company, tradition is not a sign of obsolescence. On the contrary, their rich heritage never hesitates to look for modern techniques of mintage and security features.

The company counts on a successful partnership with its sister company, Leipziger Edelmetallverarbeitung Gmbh. Through this cooperation, the mint can offer bullion products manufactured in-house.

Despite being a private German mint, Geiger manufactures sovereign coins for the Republic of Armenia, which proves the company’s commitment to producing high-quality and secure items.

Geiger Mint Technology

Geiger Edelmetalle Silver Bars stand out for the Security Line Technology as an attempt to avoid counterfeits. Like the coins, Geiger Edelmetalle bars have a matte finish and a ribbed edge, opposingly to the smooth edges commonly present in precious metal bars. The idea is to make filing off small pieces of the bar difficult.

Besides the individualized security label, another measure is to make identification marks on the bars’ reverse side with a specific UV printing. Under regular lightening, the prints are invisible, but under UV light, it is possible to see an LEV (German initials for the mint) fluorescent blue rhombus and serial number. This sign assures the piece’s authenticity.

Geiger Edelmetalle Precious Metals Products

The company offers a vast catalog of gold and silver bullion products, such as coins, rounds, and bars that range from tiny 1 gram to 5 kilos. The products follow exact specifications and receive security features to validate their authenticity and quality.

Geiger Edelmetalle is the exclusive producer of the Republic of Armenia sovereign coins, and this series has become the mint’s most famous products nowadays. The Armenian Noah’s Ark coin debuted in 2011 with the traditional 1 oz silver coin, and the release of fractional sizes happened the same year. As the country is hugely connected to its religion and was the first modern kingdom to officially accept Christianity as a national religion, the coin’s design brings Christian motifs aligned to their beliefs.

In addition to bullion coins, Geiger Mint offers both cast bars and minted ingots.

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  • Where is Geiger Edelmetalle Mint?

Geiger’s foundation dates back to 1218 in Leipzig, Germany. Geiger has offices worldwide, but its headquarters is the Schloss Guldengossa Castle, a famous tourist spot in Germany. The castle is in a neighboring village of Leipzig, which is beloved because of its connection with German mining history and some crucial personalities like Johann Sebastian Bach and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

  • How to store Geiger Edelmetalle silver?

Geiger Edelmetalle offers silver products, including coins, bars, and rounds of varied weights. According to the item purchased, home vaults can be enough for safe storage. If the purchase demands more space, renting some storage in a bank, for example, may be a solution. Proper packaging is essential to avoid unwanted tears and scratches from exposure to other things or incorrect handling.