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Boasting an attractive design coupled with a humongous capacity, the official United States Mint Monster Box can hold up to 500 American Silver Eagles (25 20-coin tubes). Although they originally held Silver Eagles, the box can hold various precious metals products without any modification.

Organize your extensive coin collection with this Monster Box. In fact, not only does this box provide an easy way to arrange and maintain your coins, but it also secures them and protects them from corrosive substances.

Although silver doesn’t lose its value even if the mint finish is altered over time due to gradual corrosion from elements in the air, the attractiveness of the coin can drop. Protect your precious coins and bars from corrosive elements in the air by tightly sealing them in tubes and storing them in these official United States Mint Monster Boxes.

The holding racks in the Monster Box make it easy to pack several official United States Mint Coin Tubes that hold up to 20 coins each. With space for 25 Mint Tubes, the Monster Box has an impressive storage capacity. Furthermore, its hard-shell design protects the coins inside from any damage – physical or chemical.

These boxes are designed to hold a vast quantity of coins – making sure that people with large collections have an easy way to store and transport coins. Moreover, protecting unsealed coins is of paramount importance to both collectors and investors.

Now, safely store up to 500 coins in attractive, convenient United States Mint Monster Boxes. Grab as many Monster Boxes as you need and stock your precious American Silver Eagle Coins, or even any other precious metals coins or rounds, exactly the way the United States Mint packs and ships them.

The monster box dimensions are 15 X 8.5 X 4.5 inches.

*Unfortunately we are only able to ship Empty Monster Boxes to the Continental US, and unable to ship boxes to PO Boxes*

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