2020 1 oz Year of the Mouse Platinum Proof Coin2020 1 oz Year of the Mouse Platinum Proof Coin

This remarkable 2021 Year of the Ox release is the second ever pure platinum proof issue from the Australian Lunar Coin Series.

Highlighting the second animal in the Chinese zodiac, the coin’s surface treatment combines a mirror-like polished background and delicately frosted relief.

Collectors and investors worldwide hold the Perth Lunar coin program in the highest regard with the appeal of limited mintages and brilliant designs driving collectibility. 

The Perth Mint Lunar Series is iconic in its rich tradition; the original Lunar program began in 1996 as a limited range of Gold bullion coins in four sizes. The ascension of the program has been remarkable and is today the flagship program of the mint, with coin values far exceeding the precious metal value as investors and collectors continue to add these coins to their portfolio. This Proof Platinum Lunar coin is only the second of its kind and is expected to be very popular worldwide with so few available and so many collectors of the program.

 Each coin is presented in a prestigious black display case with a magnetic lid. Adorned with silver lettering and a geometric design, the case is packaged in a beautifully illustrated shipper portraying the story of how the ox became the second animal in the zodiac, and is accompanied by a numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

Why is this extremely low mintage important? Consider that each year, tens of thousands of Bullion Platinum Eagles are released. Other World Mints also produce thousands of their Bullion Platinum coins such as Maples, Britannias, and Kangaroos, not to mention a mintage of 5,000 Bullion Platinum Lunar Mouse coins for 2021. Each enjoys a secondary market which allows the premiums to appreciate over time. Limited availability and demand for the program and design are key factors that contribute to the premium appreciation.

With only 188 of these Proof Platinum Lunar coins available worldwide, the potential is enormous as the Perth Mint pairs the incredible success of the Lunar Program with a release that has an extremely limited mintage! Exclusively at SD Bullion, this numismatic achievement will be a wonderful addition to any portfolio for years to come. 

Perth 2021 Year of the Ox