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Meet "The Tree of Life," an IRA-Eligible Silver Coin Struck In .9999 Fine Silver With An Available Mintage Of Only 50,000 Coins. SD Bullion is Once Again Making Available the Lowest Price Silver Coin in the World.

Tree of Life Coin

The intricately designed obverse depicts The Tree of Life As a Young Almond Tree Blossoming with New Shoots In Early Spring. The Inscription Reads ה ו ה י - Hebrew for Yahweh - The Memorial Name of the One Who Gives True Life. State of the Art Microengraving, visible under magnification can be seen in the tree trunk of The Tree of Life. The engraving reads: "You Shall Know The Truth"

On the reverse of this coin, you'll find Ian Rank-Broadley’s rendition of Queen Elizabeth II’s effigy, along with the year of mintage and the legal tender value assigned to this coin: $2 (NZD).

Tree of Life Coin Reverse
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