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SD Bullion is proud to partner with SGT Report and offer the First-Ever SGT Report Pure Silver Round struck by the prestigious Sunshine Mint!

SGT Round Obverse

The obverse of this Silver Round features SGT Report’s famous bull silhouette logo on a shield with the words “TRUTH”, “HONOR”, & “JUSTICE” on a banner below. Behind the shield is a beautifully minted argyle-like diamond design. Below the banner are the specifications for this round of “1 TROY OUNCE .999 FINE SILVER”. Above the bull and shield are the words, “WHERE WE GO ONE WE GO ALL” a now famous rallying cry of the QAnon movement.

sgt report est. 2010

The reverse features the signature logo of SGT Report. At the top, SGT's well-known slogan “THE CORPORATE PROPAGANDA ANTIDOTE” is printed and below are the words “REAL NEWS 24/7”. Along with the obverse, the reverse features highly detailed design characteristics that you'll love to admire when you have them in your hands.

SGT Round Reverse
Original SGT Round Drawing

After months of work on the design, these are the original images supplied to us for the first ever SGT Report Silver Round. These original sketchings show the meticulous details that were important to display to the world. They also show in great detail what you can expect when you purchase these well-crafted SGT Report silver rounds. Support Real News 24/7 today and be one of the first to own these brand new silver rounds!

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