Pamp Suisse Sheet of 25 1 gram Gold Multigram Set

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Buy 1 Gram Pamp Suisse Gold Bars Online

One of the most sought after gold bullion bars manufactured by PAMP Suisse, these 25x1g bars are crafted from pure 0.9999 AU (gold). Housed in interconnected certi-PAMP units, each ingot can be detached and used individually if required. These beautiful gold bars are a highly prized item for collectors, and since they carry lower premiums than gold coins, it is one of the most cost-effective methods of owning pure gold.

PAMP stands for ‘Produits Artistiques Métaux Précieux’, which roughly translates to ‘Artistic Products Precious Metals’. PAMP Suisse was founded in 1977, in Ticino, Switzerland. It originally started as a minting facility and has grown to offer virtually every service related to precious metals, including the collection of doré (a semi-pure alloy of gold and silver) from the mines, assaying, hedging and delivery of bars around the globe. It is now a renowned and trusted company that sells gold and silver bullion.

These bars portray the Roman Goddess of Luck, Fortune, and Chance – Fortuna (also known as Lady Fortune), on its obverse side. Lady Fortuna is represented with a blindfold; this symbolizes life’s fickleness, while her hands hold the cornucopia (also called the horn of plenty, is a symbol of abundance) with generously overflowing bounty, which the goddess shares with others. On its reverse side, the PAMP Suisse logo is featured, along with the purity and weight of the bar as well as an inscription that reads ‘Essayeur Fondeur’ that verifies the authenticity of this ingot.

This sheet of 25x1g gold bars is not only popular among bullion collectors; they are excellent options to diversify your investment portfolio too. These bars are eligible to be used in Precious Metal IRAs (Individual Retirement Accounts) due to the trust behind the quality and purity of PAMP Suisse products.

Each ingot is packed with a tamper-proof assay card that has a unique serial number, which assures you of its authenticity. Additionally, these gold bars feature the latest security measure by PAMP called ‘Veriscan’; an anti-counterfeit technique that uses microscopic surface topography (unique to each gold bar). This is attached to a digital fingerprint that is registered into a database at the refinery.

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