What is a Cookie?

A "cookie" is a small piece of data from a website that is stored on a user's computer after visiting said website. Cookies are used by websites and third-parties to store various types of information about each individual user. This information generally relates to how the user interacts with with the website such as what the user clicked on, information the user entered, pages the user viewed, and products the user place into a cart. Cookies can also be referred to as web cookies, HTTP cookies, internet cookies, or browser cookies.

What Does SD Bullion Use Cookies For?

SD Bullion uses cookies to provide an overall better customer experience when using our website. Below are some of the cases in which we may use cookies on our site:

  • Customize the website and marketing messages based on your interests as a means to present you with more relevant content
  • Ensure you do not see informational messaging too often
  • Provide a positive experience by not showing irrelevant information
  • Store login info so you do not have to enter it every visit
  • Save your shopping cart for the next time you're browsing
  • To continually improve and advance all aspects of our site to provide the best service possible to our customers

Can I opt-out of Cookie Use?

Yes. While we do not recommend doing so as it may negatively impact your use of our site, we fully respect the rights of our customers and all individuals to opt-out of cookies. Most web browsers today have built-in options to help with this and can usually be found under 'options' or 'preferences' depending on the browser you are using. Please see the links below for more information on how to do so:

For more information about cookies and how they are utilized, learn more by visiting www.ftc.gov/internet-cookies