What is Gold Used For? The Importance of Gold Explained

What is Gold Used For?

The vast drivers for gold use all stem from human beings either wanting gold for adornment, long term savings, or for industrial uses (e.g. technological, medicinal, and scientific applications).

We humans have mined over 190,000 tonnes of physical gold or just over 6.1 billion troy ounces. The high ninety percentile of all the gold ever mined is still with us as gold that is virtually indestructible on the molecular level and too costly to lose or waste in large amounts.

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Do like JP Morgan’s doing, Buy Silver Bullion

Roll in your supposed silver cornering Hunt Brothers graves.

Eat your former silver buying hearts Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger, & Berkshire Hathaway.

This silver trade has taken over 50 years to fully formulate. JP Morgan's COMEX warehouse now holds perhaps the largest non-government physical silver bullion position in recorded financial history.

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Silver Stocks vs Silver Bullion Performances

Silver Stocks vs Silver Bullion Performances

Of course and in general, there is supposedly a positive mirroring relationship or price correlation between silver bullion and silver mining stocks.

The close relationship between the silver spot price and the companies that mine silver may be stronger in the short-run than in the long-run because silver mine producers are often affected by many other risk reward factors than merely the price of the most shiny white metal (we mentioned many of the risks in the prior section on silver mining stocks).

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Paper Silver Stocks vs Silver Bullion: Key Differences

Paper Silver Stocks vs Silver Bullion: Key Differences

Silver Stock Risks

Silver mining stock exploration risks include finding no silver or not enough high grade silver ore to be profitable over the short, medium, or long term.

Silver mining stock feasibility risks include silver mining companies which may or may have not yet discovered silver, yet even if identified some silver in the ground may not be profitable at current silver spot prices to mine profitably given the costs associated.

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Silver Stocks vs Physical Silver Bullion (Full Report)

Silver Stocks vs Physical Silver Bullion

We will begin this piece with a broad generalization. You buy and own silver bullion as an inexpensive precious store of value for the long term.

Perhaps if you are a sophisticated trader, you might speculate in the short to medium term using derivatives (e.g. ETFs, futures contracts, etc.) if you don’t mind stomaching the risks and carry costs associated (e.g. paying SLV ½% a year in annual fees).

Investors often also buy and speculate in silver mining stocks for short, medium, and at times with the hope of...

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How to Sell Silver Bullion Online?

To sell your silver bullion online is about as easy a process as buying it online.

Yet there are some additional steps and processes to understand for silver selling safety and success.

Here we cover some Do’s and Don'ts, including other best practices to sell silver bullion online. Like how to safely ship silver bullion in the USA as well as how to yield the best prices and find trustworthy counterparties to sell silver bullion to.

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Retirement Crisis: Baby Boomers Impact

This building retirement crisis and pension crisis is not going away.

It is a mathematical certainty, yet certainly not a light topic to delve into.

What potential affects will the retirement crisis have on generations, financial assets, and future investing?

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New Monetary System: Gold Standard, Past is Prologue

Future Monetary System Return to Gold Basis SD Bullion

In terms of the next new monetary system, what is past may indeed be prologue.

One of the world’s most eloquent gold commentators, makes another excellent presentation on potential new monetary system changes to come.

Here you can find a backlink to see this thought provoking 40 minute presentation, but first we need to give you a bit of a background on the matter of new monetary systems.

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Gold Silver Bullion Tax IRS Reporting Rules

IRS Precious Metals Reporting Tax Rules USA

In the following SD Bullion infographic, we again cover IRS bullion reporting requirements when buying bullion in the USA.

We also discuss current IRS reporting requirements if selling bullion to US based precious metal dealers as well.

Also discussed are current general Gold Silver Tax ramifications for when you sell bullion at either a profit and or a loss (always consult a tax professional on the matter as we are not tax pros)

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Platinum Value vs Gold

Platinum has not been this cheap vs gold since 1907 AD. In other words, in over 110 years we have not seen platinum values slump this far versus gold.

Check out these following long term charts on platinum prices versus gold prices in US dollar since the late 1800s. and throughout this post 1971 full fiat currency era.

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Financial Collapse vs Crash Discussion

Financial Collapse vs Crash Discussion

Famed real estate investor and alternative financial author Robert Kiyosaki speaks with former Presidential candidate and US Congressman Ron Paul about what financial collapse looks like.

SPOILER ALERT: Robert and Ron likely agree, a financial collapse may be underway. 

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Next Financial Crisis is in Bonds | Keith Dicker | Macro Voices

In this Macro Voices interview, Keith Dickner, a Canadian CFA and investment portfolio manager, lays out his case for why the next global financial crisis will be in the bond market.

Topics include the growing government bond bubble, artificially suppressed interest rates, and how some bonds with limiting liquidity may no longer be a safe haven trade.

What impact would a bond market route have on stock markets and if indeed the bond bear market has started? The interview concludes with Keith’s outlook on equities, future US dollar strength, and gold bullion.

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Where Gold Prices Could Go 2020s

Goehring & Rozencwajg Gold Precious Metals Commodity Research Oil Copper SD Bullion

It is indeed rare when pursuing the internet for gold and precious metal related content, one runs into exceptional fundamental research and market insights.

The following snippet and backlink is an exception to often dull precious metal content publishing and insightless market coverage.

This content is well worth your precious time.

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What is a Gold Assay?

Gold Assaying Why Gold is Assayed

The practice of gold assaying is commonplace within the gold bullion, gold refining, and gold mining industries.

Understanding gold grades is key to profitable gold mining, gold refining, and gold bullion product production.

Gold coin and gold bar content purity also remains essential in the creation of trustworthy gold bullion products and establishing reputable brand or gold bullion hallmarks by both private gold mints and government gold mints respectively.

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How Much Silver Is In a Dime? Which Dimes Are Silver?

How Much Silver is in These Dimes?

Although often referred to as ‘junk silver,’ pre-1965 US dimes aren’t junk in the true sense of the word. Silver dimes struck by the United States Mint during that era contained 90% silver and their silver content makes them valuable from a melt value standpoint. 

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Where is Platinum Found?

In this short article we cover Where is Platinum found in the world along with a short video describing how platinum is mined.

Unlike gold or silver, platinum mines are more rare and concentrated amongst only a few regions globally.

Come learn where Platinum and why investor demand is on the rise.

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Largest Gold Nuggets Ever Found

Come see the 5 Biggest Gold Nuggets ever found by humans. With the second largest gold nugget finding recently occurring only months ago in Australia (2018).

Learn about what percentage of gold purity the typical gold nugget is depending on the location it is found in. As well, what the troy ounce gold yield was for each of the biggest gold nuggets ever found.

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Gold Scammers go to Great Fraud Lengths

The lengths some Gold Scammers go to take advantage of unknowing investors is practically infinite.

Come see how one man lost some $8 million USD even after flying to the Gold Scammer's home country in order to perform his due diligence.

Good news is there are various easy methods and tactics you can use to avoid would be Gold Scams which we will also backlink for you here.

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