GOLD TREASURE Hunts Not Trivial Pursuits Historically

Gold Treasures Gold Treasure hunts golden treasure

In our current era of peak currency debasement, perhaps it is fitting that we also debase the very concept of gold treasure hunts.

The yearning for savings well more than one might need ever to consume, is undoubtedly as old as human’s desire for gold savings itself (some +6,000 years and counting according to historical artifacts).

Countless humans have spent their lives hunting down gold and other precious metals. Such was a significant impetus for world-changing events, for example, the 16th century’s exploration of the new world in which most of you are reading these words.

It appears a company in Canada is now giving gold treasure hunting a more trivial pursuit without much consequence.

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Where does Gold come from? | How is Gold made?

How is Gold Formed?

Where does gold come from?

How is gold made? How is gold formed?

The origin of gold bullion (according to recent scientific discoveries) begins with violently imploding stars or colliding twin neutron star supernovae.

See how gold is created and how it ends up into gold bullion bars and coins.

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Gold vs S&P 500 Chart | 100 YEARs

Gold versus S&P 500 Chart SD Bullion

With the S&P 500 currently near record high levels, it makes good sense to be taking some profits and perhaps allocate them into precious metals such as gold.

The following Gold vs. S&P 500 chart tracks the ratio of the S&P 500 stock market index to the fiat US dollar price of gold per troy ounce.

The number tells you how many ounces of gold priced in fiat US dollars it would take to buy the S&P 500 at any given time over the past 100 years.

If history was to repeat and the Gold vs. S&P 500 ratio was to drop substantially again, the chances of being able to acquire nearly ten times the amount of S&P 500 stock shares using gold bullion is a possibility in the coming decade(s) potentially.

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Is Gold Magnetic? | SEE FOR YOURSELF

Is Gold Magnetic? Is gold attracted to magnets? How to test gold? SD Bullion

Here we will break down scientifically if gold is magnetic and show you a real-life test regarding gold magnetism.

With elements we come across in our daily lives only nickel, cobalt, iron, gadolinium, neodymium, and samarium are highly attracted to magnetics.

The following video embedded here shows tests to see is gold magnetic using some rare-earth magnets called neodymium magnets, and water skim sensitivity test to show how various precious metals react to strong magnets.

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How many Troy Ounces in a Kilo?

How many ounces in a kilo of gold of silver SD Bullion

It is key you know basics bullion weight and measurement facts for the difference between an imperial ounce and a troy ounce are around 10%.

This variance can mean a large chunk of any investment or value for various bullion appraisals.

How many troy ounces are in a kilo bullion bar of silver or gold for example?

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Prices for Junk Silver Coins SD bullion

Junk Silver Coins, Constitutional Silver Coins, and 90% Silver Coins are all ways to refer to the same thing: pre-1965 / pre-1964 90% silver dimes, quarters, half dollars and dollar coins.

Here we will discuss the current state of the Junk Silver Coin world and how it limited supply continues to dwindle year after year.

The United States used silver coinage for most of its history. Junk Silver Coins are the last remaining silver coin legacies of our forefathers. Come learn about them.

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Is Silver Magnetic? | SEE FOR YOURSELF

Is Sterling Silver Magnetic?

Here we exhibit a test to see is silver magnetic by using some rare-earth magnets, called neodymium magnets, to show how silver and other various precious metals react to strong magnets.

Learn scientifically how pure silver reacts to magnets or when silver gets put into a strong magnetic field.

We even consider the question is sterling silver magnetic too.

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Palladium Price Forecast | Palladium Price Prediction 2019

Palladium Price Predictions Palladium Price Forecasts

Wondering where the price of palladium is going to this year?

Check out this list of 2019 palladium price forecasts by palladium market analysts deep in the precious metal derivative and palladium bullion trade.

Remember that the inverse measurement we are using to value palladium bullion here is the fiat US dollar currency that has lost over 95% of its value to palladium bullion throughout its existence.

Come see what palladium price forecasters think for this precious metal for the remainder of the year.

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Platinum Price Forecast | Platinum Price Prediction 2019

Platinum Price Predictions Platinum Price Forecasts 2019

Are you pondering where the price of platinum in fiat US dollars will go to in 2019?

The following is a list of 2019 platinum price forecasts by thirty platinum market analysts, deep in the precious metal derivative and platinum bullion trade.

Remember that the inverse measurement we are using to value platinum bullion here is a fiat currency that has lost over 95% of its value to platinum bullion through its existence.

Platinum will gain value long term versus fiat currencies such as the US dollar. Platinum's price performance in 2019 should be strong.

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Silver Price Forecast | Silver Price Prediction 2019

Silver Price Forecasts Silver Price Predictions for 2019 SD Bullion

Are you wondering about where the price of silver in fiat US dollars will go to in 2019?

The following is a list of 2019 silver price forecasts and silver price predictions by silver market analysts deep in the precious metal derivative and silver bullion trade.

Remember that often the inverse measurement we US bullion buyers and sellers use to value silver here is a fiat currency that has lost over 95% of its value to silver bullion throughout its existence.

We believe the trend of fiat US dollars losing value to silver bullion will not continue into the 2020s.

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Gold Price Forecast | Gold Price Predictions 2019

Gold Price Prediction SD Bullion

Wondering about where the price of gold in fiat US dollars will go to in 2019?

The following is a list of thirty 2019 gold price forecasts by gold market analysts, deep in the precious metal derivative and gold bullion trade.

Remember that the inverse measurement we are using to value gold bullion here is a fiat currency that has lost over 95% of its value to gold bullion through its existence.

Come see what these gold industry insiders gold price predictions are for 2019.

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Ohio Bullion Sales Tax Renewal?! | Potential +5.75-8.00% Price Hike

Ohio Tax Bullion Renewal Proposed Precious Metals Silver Gold State Tax Ohio 2019

It seems, every month now, another state in the USA is threatening to roll back their bullion sales tax exemptions to gap funding shortfalls elsewhere.

Any resident in the state of Ohio, especially Ohio bullion buyers should now be aware. If a new Ohio bullion sales tax gets passed, it will make investing in physical precious metals prohibitively more expensive adding nearly +6% up to +8% over current bullion product prices.

The state of Ohio is now considering renewing a bullion sales tax on investment-grade gold and silver as part of the 2019 Ohio State Budget Bill.

This proposed bullion state sales tax comes in addition to the Commercial Activity Tax (CAT) that the state of Ohio already applies to precious metals sourced into the state (even if it is merely a bullion business to bullion business transaction).

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Why is Gold Valuable? | Why is Gold so Expensive?

Why is Gold so Expensive SD Bullion

Highly valued since ancient times and there are both scientific, psychological, and historical reasons why gold is valuable and profoundly so.

Humans valuing their precious gold transcends national borders, politics, religious beliefs, genders, skin pigments, and ethnicities. We human beings often disagree, but we'll virtually always accept real gold in payment.

Here we delve into some of the deep reasons why we human beings have and likely always have a healthy bid on the value of gold. 

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Should I buy a House? | Millions of Reasons to Wait

Should I buy a House value forecast Keith Jurow SD Bullion

Would you believe the US housing market has again reached overvaluation?

Since 2010, Keith Jurow from the MarketWatch website has been trying to educate his readers that the so-called US housing market recovery is nothing more than an illusion.

In this Real Vision video, you can see excerpts from a recent interview he conducted on millions of redefaulting and defunct houses in the USA which have been ignored yet lay in wait for future liquidation.

See for yourself if you should buy a home right now. Even more so for homeowners, should you perhaps be selling your home instead?

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Shorting Stocks, Long Gold | Crescat Capital

Bearish Stocks Bullish Gold Crescat Capital SD Bullion blog

If you feel anxiety and trepidation looking at the financial system during the last few years, you are likely part of the engaged majority (whether they admit it or not).

Readers and listeners here understand that our economy no longer functions as advertised.

Financialization of the US economy over the past 40-year timeframe has skewed the relationship of value in favor of price, specifically in favor of higher prices for financial assets vs. commodities and real-world goods.

Here are two financial investment professionals from Crescat Capital explaining why they are now bearish the US stock market and bullish on gold and precious metals.

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Silver Price in India | Silver Rate in India

Indian Silver Price Silver Rate in India Silver Imports SD Bullion

In terms of world silver demand, the top country for silver imports is the country of India.

In 2018 alone, India fabricated over 220 million troy ounces of silver in jewelry, silverware, and through use in industrial applications.

That is roughly 1/5th of the world's entire physical silver demand in the one nation of India.

Here we examine some long term charts for Indian Silver Prices as well as key points for Indian Silver demand to come.

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US dollar vs Gold 2020s - Peter Schiff & Brent Johnson

Gold vs dollar SD Bullion

We have written at length about the war and ongoing battles of the fiat US dollar vs. gold values.

All fiat currencies lose to gold bullion without exception when given enough time.

The question here is how long the current US dollar reserve currency of the world can hold onto value versus gold bullion?

Peter Schiff and Brent Johnson talk about the interaction between the fiat Federal Reserve note US dollar and gold into the next decade.

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How to Clean Silver Bullion Bars

Cleaning Silver Bullion Bars How to

Cleaning silver bullion bars which have oxidized or tarnished is a simple and easy process.

It only takes a few minutes and a few household items to clean tarnished silver bullion. See how simple the silver bullion cleaning process can be.

In general, when selling silver bullion bars, you will likely fetch a higher bid price or interest from other silver bullion buyers if your common silver bullion bars are shiny as opposed to dark and tarnished.

Learn how to do this in a 10-minute process at home easily.

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100 oz Silver Bullet Bullion Battle Video

100 oz Silver Bar shot with Bullets 9 mm 50 cal Live Ammunition

The internet brings us a lot of strange and exciting videos. This post is a detailed silver example of such odd documentation.

Chances are high if you have been an avid silver bullion buyer over the last few years, you have come across .999 fine silver bullets which are mostly bullion bars in a bullet-shaped form.

How does a 100 oz Silver Bar fair when being shot at with live ammo lead bullets ranging from 9mm to 50 caliber sizes?

See for yourself!

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