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Curious About Investing in Gold & Silver?

This easy-to-follow guide will give you the tools you need to invest with confidence!

Dr. Tyler Wall, CEO

SD Bullion

"According to the Bible, gold and silver are the oldest forms of money. In scripture, gold is mentioned more than 400 times and silver more than 300 times. We are excited to share an easy-to-follow guide that shows you how gold can help protect your future. At SD Bullion, we truly believe gold and silver are God's money."

What You Will Learn...

How to Protect Against Inflation

Learn the best defense against inflation and securing your future.

How & What to Buy

Everything you need to know to make your first gold or silver purchase.

What to Avoid

Avoid commons mistakes new investors make to get the best bang for your buck.


 What Our Customers Are Saying

Jerry A.

"The folks at SD Bullion are a shining example of how a business should be run... Fast, efficient service...and problem-free payment process and delivery... I have recommended them to many people I know and will continue to do so..."

Christian Q.

"...as a person who was new to purchasing silver, SD Bullion made it really easy for me to purchase their products... they have a wide selection of coins to choose from at great prices... The delivery time was quick and I got my coins (rounds) faster than I expected..."

George B.

"I love SD Bullion... They are very attentive to my every question. Their products are the best, and shipping is fast and secure. I will use this company for all of my bullion purchases. Oh, did I mention... They are almost always the best price, and when you find anything advertised for less... they will match it. But, I've never found anywhere else less expensive! ..."

Jack J.

"I was hesitant to order silver online. I did some searches on the internet and ran across SD Bullion... I have now placed and received two orders and have been impressed with the product and service. SD Bullion has the best prices I have seen online... I will continue to do business with SD Bullion for all of my precious metals investments."

SD Bullion Truth Series

The Roaring Lion

The Tree of Life

In 2018, the leadership of SD Bullion decided to use their platform to spread Truth around the world. Thus, the Truth Coin Series was born featuring The Roaring Lion and The Tree of life. Each year, the 2-coin series features a new bible scripture. The Roaring Lion contains half of the scripture and The Tree of Life contains the second half of the scripture. Our inaugural release featured the scripture: "You Shall Know The Truth And The Truth Shall Set You Free" from John 8:32.

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