1 oz Sunshine Gold Bar | In Certicard With Microengraved Security Feature .9999

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Buy 1 oz Sunshine Mint Gold Bars Online

This high-quality premium 1 troy ounce Gold Bar from Sunshine Minting contains gold of .9999 fine purity and features the unique security feature MintMark SI to help you authenticate your Gold Bar.

Each gold bar comes packaged with an assay card (2 1/2" x 3 3/4") in sealed tamper-evident packaging (TEP) to prevent fraud, which guarantees the security of your valuable product. Moreover, every one of these gold bars has a unique serial number and features the famous Sunshine Mint logo.

The Sunshine Mint is a privately owned mint based out of Idaho that has established an excellent reputation over the years by providing superior products with unique security features that prevent counterfeiting.

Although the MintMark SI is invisible to the naked eye, it can be detected using the Sunshine Mint Decoder Lens. When viewed through the special decoder lens at one angle, the central design shows the word "Valid," but when you turn the decoder lens ninety degrees, a sunburst appears, further verifying the authenticity of your one ounce gold bar.

The obverse features the signature Sunshine Minting eagle soaring across the sun and its rays. Also clearly visible on each bar are the weight (“1 OUNCE”), its .9999 fine purity and its unique serial number.

The reverse contains a lovely pattern of rising suns along with the MintMark SI security feature in the center, which completes the bar’s regal look.

Boasting the highest purity of gold found in any precious metals product, this American made one ounce gold bullion bar is an excellent method of adding a substantial amount of pure gold to your tangible assets.

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