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Buy 2 oz Silver Walk the Plank Ultra High Relief Privateer Rounds at SD Bullion!

The 5th release in the acclaimed Ultra High Relief Privateer Collection, Walk the Plank is perhaps the most stunning release to date in the Privateer Collection!

The reverse depicts El Capitan condemning a mutineer to "Walk the Plank" to meet his demise in Davey Jones’ Locker.

The blindfolded lad is but a step away from meeting his fate as the heartless Capitan shows no mercy for the ultimate crime of mutiny.

Reminiscent of the Jolly Roger, the obverse depicts a skull centered over a ship's wheel, with the wheel set over a tattered sail. Below lies the inscription "2 OZ FINE SILVER .999".
Encircling the top of the skull is the inscription, "No Prey, No Pay"- a pirate term reminding the crew they would receive no pay unless a raid was successful at looting booty.

Dead men tell no tales, and neither will ye unless ye secure Walk the Plank before the booty follows the lad down to Davy Jones' Locker - available as low as $9.99/oz over spot!

IRA Eligible
2 troy oz .999 fine silver
Multiples of 10 coins ship in original mint tube

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