Track Your Gold and Silver Investment

Have you ever looked at your stack and pondered to yourself any of the following questions?

"How much is all of this worth?'
"How much weight is actually in my stack?"
"How much have I paid for my stack?"
"How do people keep track of their investment growth?"

We at SD Bullion are proud to have made available for FREE a Personal Metals Inventory Sheet! With the initial version of this sheet you are able to keep track of your stack just like the pros!

By simply following the link at the top of sheet to your SD Bullion account, all you need to do is input the items purchased, their weight, quantity purchased, and the price you paid then! By inputting the current spot price and expected premium on each product you are able to see what your stack is worth at any given time, and can estimate your stacks worth at any given spot price!

By downloading the .xlsx file below you are able to open the document in Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets (Free through your Gmail account), or any other program that supports .xlsx files and start tracking your stack today!

Click here to download your Personal Metals Inventory Sheet!