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2015 America The Beautiful Silver Coins For Sale

Inspired by the success of the State Quarters Program, Congress passed the America’s Beautiful National Parks Quarter Dollar Coin Act in 2008 – authorizing the minting of a new series of coins, the American the Beautiful series. These 2015 America the Beautiful coins feature 5 new states, with various beautiful designs – depicting the natural, cultural, and historical beauty of the United States.

The first coin in this infamous series was released in 2010; these coins had a larger surface area than the State Quarters that inspired their creation.

Unlike the State Quarters program, the ATB series will also include United States territories. In total, the United States Mint will produce 56 coins – for the 50 states of the United States, the District of Columbia, and the 5 U.S territories that are located overseas (Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, American Samoa, Northern Mariana Islands, and Guam).

Each year the United States Mint will release 5 silver coins under the America the Beautiful program, featuring 5 states – in the order that they became federally protected regions of the United States of America.

Containing 5 troy ounces of 0.999 pure silver, they are assigned face values of 25 cents (0.25 USD). Each of these BU condition coins is in the finest condition, released specifically for those who prefer uncirculated coins to the circulated variety.

The coins released in 2015 include – Saratoga (New York), Bombay Hook (Delaware), Blue Ridge Parkway (North Carolina), Homestead (Nebraska), and Kisatchie (Louisiana).

John Flanagan’s 1932 rendering of President George Washington’s bust has been one of the most iconic images imprinted on coins. This design can be seen on quarters to this day. Following in the footsteps of all other quarter dollar coinage, the America The Beautiful silver quarter also features the familiar left-profile of President George Washington on its obverse.

On the other hand, the reverses of these coins are unique – featuring images of beautiful landmarks or sites that capture the spirit and beauty of the state in question.

Struck in 0.999 pure silver, weighing 5 ounces, these 2015 America the Beautiful coins portray the featured states in eye-catching detail. Their large surface area leaves scope for artistic freedom, giving the artist leeway to utilize the ample space to engrave brilliant, detailed images.

Popular among collectors, these coins make excellent additions to any American coin collection. Moreover, their precious metals IRA eligibility increases their demand as an investment asset – and is also used by investors to diversify their portfolios.