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1 Silver Round at Silver Spot Price

1 oz SD Bullion Silver Freedom Round Features

  • Contains 1 troy ounce of .999 fine silver
  • Features the iconic Bald Eagle on the obverse
  • Boast the words "LIBERTY" and "FREEDOM"
  • Reverse imprinted with size and purity
  • Ships in a protective, plastic sleeve
  • Approved for Precious Metals IRA's

At SD Bullion, we believe in owning physical precious metals. Not only is it a physical asset that protects you from the dangers of an ever-expanding government and monetary policy, but it also represents liberty and freedom... the things in which our forefathers gave up their lives for so that we could enjoy them.

The obverse of this silver round includes a bold but graceful bald eagle with the word "Liberty" above it and the word "Freedom" below it. As precious metals investors, we take these words very seriously. Based off our own US Constitution as well as thousands of years of recorded history, Silver represents money. Money that cannot be created out of thin air or manipulated by centralized Governments. Because we believe that silver is money, we decided to call this round the SD Bullion Freedom Round!



Product Review Stars

December 26, 2018 by Clarence S

“Great prices and arrives on time in perfect condition”

December 18, 2018 by Henryl

“Love the quality and the price.”

December 15, 2018 by Jeff W

“Good product, good deal, SD Bullion is great, product as described and shipping was quick. Will use again, Recommended!”

December 11, 2018 by Gift for h

“Looks exactly like the picture. Size of a silver dollar coin. I plan to order more.”

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Mark M.

Very happy with the service and products I received from SD Bullion. Good silver and gold prices, fast shipping, and I receive exactly what I order. I have dealt with other gold and silver companies in the past and now do all of my business with SD Bullion.

Joseph R.

I've been looking and buying precious metals from a number of websites. I've found SD Bullion to be almost always the lowest prices, and always ready to help.

Patrick B.

This was my first purchase with SD Bullion. I purchased silver bars and was very pleased with their condition and packaging. The price was the lowest I could find at the time. I would go with them again

No Pressure! | Reviewed by Irene G.

Helpful, polite sales people. They answered all my questions in just a few minutes. Prices were best I found, good service and No pressure to buy.

First Class all the way! Reviewed by Darrin T

I couldn't find a better price anywhere, and the delivery time and service were first-class...

Great doing business with them | Reviewed by Jack J

searches on the internet and ran across SD Bullion. Talked to a representative from SD Bullion to ask some questions and was comfortable with them. I have now placed and received two orders and have been impressed with the product and service. SD Bullion has the best prices i have seen online and the shipping is very reasonable. I will continue to do business with SD Bullion for all of my precious metals investments. Thanks!

Reviewed by Dana | No complaints!

Good selection, very good prices, excellent quality, very good service, and speedy delivery. Have done business with these folks for about three years and have no complaints.

Reviewed by Jerry | Great job SDB!!

The folks at SD Bullion are a shining example of how a business should be run, whether on line or in person. Fast, efficient service; helpful (but not pushy or intrusive) employee assistance; and problem free payment process and delivery. In fact, the only thing approaching a problem that I have with my entire experience at SD Bullion is that I can't afford to buy more. I have recommended them to many people I know, and will continue to do so. Great job SDB!!

Melanie M.
BEST PRICES worth the cost of shipping for large orders

I have made several purchases from SD Bullion. My purchases have been made online and check mailed for the best pricing. Takes a little over two weeks for delivery. Products have been beautiful. On my first order I unknowingly made two orders. They called me when my check was received and offered to cancel the extra order. Great customer service! I decided to go ahead and make the purchase and they allowed me time to mail another check. My research shows their prices to be lower than other PM dealers but you do pay $7.77 shipping on order less than $99.00. If you are making a large purchase this is very reasonable and savings are realized. They have quickly become my favorite dealer!

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