US Certified Gold Coins

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US Certified Gold Coins For Sale

The two most commonly cited coin grading services in the United States are the NCG and the PCGS. These organizations authenticate graded US gold coins, making the coins that much more valuable to investors and collectors alike. These graded US gold coins are always worth more than the gold contained within the coin; the authentication, grading, aesthetics. and history the coin carries can all affect the market value of these US Mint Gold Coins.

Our certified Liberty Gold Double Eagle coins are all pre-1905, which means they were made before the portrait of Lady Liberty that adorns all modern-day Gold American Eagle coins today. These coins are hard to find, because throughout the years, the US government recalled and melted down most of the circulated coins. There is a very limited supply of graded US Gold Coins from this era, which is why SD Bullion is thrilled to be able to offer these US Certified gold coins at great prices!

All graded US Gold Coins come packaged in sealed slabs with a clear top and careful balance of safety and visibility in the packaging. The coin’s grade does depend upon it staying in its original packaging. To remove the coin would devalue it severely and risk the chance of the coins losing much of its numismatic value. Graded US Gold Coins are likely to be of more interests to the collector than the bullion investor; these coins hard to find coins that would make a great addition to any coin collection.

Bullion investors on the other hand may find the high premium cost of the graded US Gold Coins to be hard to understand; however, the fact that the value of these coins is flexible, and not reliant on the actual gold content itself, is something that many investors may want to consider further.